AP One AC Mini and Balance 20 - WAN connection dropping


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Has this problem been reported on the Surf SOHO MK3 as well? I recently switched from an Asus AC66U and started having the issues reported here. Mostly running Apple products (a couple of MacBook Pros, iPhones, iPods, etc.). I have three VLANs configured - private, guest, and IoT. IoT devices include multiple Belkin Wemo switches and plugs, three nest cameras, and a Amazon Echo. Forcing the IoT devices to 2.4 GHz and the private network to 5.0 GHz helps the issue a lot but the WAN still drops out periodically. Additionally, forcing IoT to 2.4 GHz seems to be causing some of the Wemo devices to not connect (I believe I saw a similar problem reported on another thread).



@Lewis_Kong I found a fix for our captive portals, rolled back to 7.1.0 build 3427 (instead of 7.1.0 build 3433) and they started working. We use a VLAN for our guest access with captive portal, they would also work if I changed the guest SSID to the untagged VLAN.


I’m also having similar issues with my IoT devices. I have a balance one with 4 APs. Same issue, disconnects. Ecobee thermostats, Kuna lights, ring doorbell, YI cameras. Any 5ghz seems to be fine. I’ve been helping the peplink team by providing my specific issues.


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We can reproduce the issue on portal with VLAN on our lab and have a possible suspect on the cause. We will work on a fix for that. Thanks for reporting the issue.



Hello @Gary_Liu,
Should we roll back the firmware to 3.5.4 or is there another version recommended for the APs in the interim?
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Please roll back to the previous revision to recover the portal functionality.

The issue occurs when the portal is on a VLAN that is not the management VLAN. We are working on a fix for that and we will release that once it is ready.



I am still on RC2 because of issues I saw reported with IoT devices for RC3, but have had such issues with each RC with my AP One Enterprises. Specifically, HS100 and HS110 TPLink smart plugs keep losing connectivity and then never come back, which never happened on 3.5.4. Device wireless specs:

IEEE 802.11b/g/n
2.4GHz, 1T1R

Probably going to roll back to 3.5.4


I rolled back to RC2 and everything has stabilized for me. RC3 was a mess. My Ring reconnected so much that it caused the battery to drain. On RC2 the battery level is climbing back to normal.

I had a struggle with 3.5.4 with my wife’s iPhone. Unhappy wife, unhappy life. 3.6.0 seemed to fix those issues. I’ve not had any connectivity issues with RC2.

One thing that I did end up doing for a couple of my IoT devices was create a dedicated SSID and assign that to the closest AP. Did this for my Kuna lights for example. Found that they don’t deal well with having to figure out multiple APs to connect to. The Kuna forum confirmed this. The new 7.1 firmware allows for WIFI controller lite to have a limited number of profiles allowing me to set this up. The Kuna lights have not had issues since I did this. Not all IoT devices, especially ones designed for consumers, get tested in a multi AP environment. I had it out with the Kuna engineers but they were pretty clueless on why I would need multiple APs.


I’m back on 3.5.4 because of the 2.4Ghz Issues

When can we expect another release to try?


I also gave up on 1160. Went back to 3.5.4. I thought it was a guest SSID issue but now realize it was probably just dropping the 2.4 band. This is a combination of AC Mini, and Rugged, they are all doing the same thing.


Just had two devices go offline even with RC2. Looks like I too maybe going back to 3.5.4.


Hi All,

It seems that some IoT devices fail to have stable 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection using 3.6.0RC firmware. We have prepared some IoT devices mentioned in your feedback and we will investigate the issue.
Thanks for your feedback!



Hi All,

We have confirmed the root cause that affects the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi stability.
The next RC will have that fix together with captive portal fix in non-management VLAN.



So will this fix things on the Surf SOHO has well?


Maybe? Yes? No? Perhaps at some point my router will gasp route?


@newtonsfloss, we didn’t encounter the reported problem in SOHO. Hence, the fixed doesn’t available for SOHO. You may open another thread to illustrate the problem you are facing.



So, any updates? It’s been 7 days since identification of the root cause…and a bit over six months since the 3.6 beta started.

Surf SOHO MK3 - WAN connection dropping

3.6.0 RC4 is available here, and also its AP Controller Firmware Pack (1153.fwb).

  • Fix 2.4GHz stability issue.
  • Fix Captive Portal redirection failure in non-Management VLAN



Excellent. And thanks for including the firmware pack Lewis.


Hello @Lewis_Kong,
Will there be a version to test/use with the Pepwave AP Pro Duo?
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