AP One AC Mini and Balance 20 - WAN connection dropping


@Lewis_Kong any updates? when do you expect the GA to be released?



Does the issue still happen? Could you please open a support ticket?
We cannot produce your issue in our lab which have been running for more than 2 weeks with 15 active Wi-Fi clients.

Hi Stephen,

I am not sure about what problems you are facing.
Could you please open a support ticket or PM me more information?

Hi Adeebag,

We are prepare related document for 3.6.0GA. Please stay tuned.




No ticket is needed as we have reverted the firmware pack on the Routers for the time being.
We are having issues with the AP’s dropping users on the current release firmware.
However, this is what was happening for other users who might use the beta firmware.

When the beta firmware 3.6.0 RC7 (1156 Firmware Pack) was installed, all users that were handed DHCP under ANY SSID were handed out un-tagged IP addresses. e.g. instead of
When we reverted to Firmware Pack 1145 and the DHCP started working correctly.

I will test on the one I have at the house later and if I can re-create the issue I will let you know.


I’m running RC7 managed by a Balance One running 7.1 and I’m not experiencing this. I have 4 VLANs, 3 of which are trunked to my two AP mini’s and two AP Enterprise’s. All devices are getting the proper DHCP addresses and functioning correctly.


Yes, issue is still happening. We have set our routers to reboot every day and that seems to help. I think the routers need to rebooted every 12 hours or so. Could you add that to the reboot menu until you find the memory leak? So far, I have not seen any problems within 12 hours of the router being powered on.



I can report I’m experiencing something very similar. I am running RC7 and I have had to reboot two of my access points that have just stopped accepting connections. One of the APs has a dedicated SSID that is for two IoT devices. I discovered that those devices went offline. Resetting the devices made no difference. Trying to connect my phone to the dedicated SSID failed. I rebooted the AP (AP One Mini) and it fixed the issue and I can now connect. Earlier in the week I had something similar happen with an AP One Enterprise. In that case I rebooted the AP and again was able to connect.


For the last reboot, I grabbed a diag report for the AP and the Balance One. I am PMing the report to you.

For now, I have my APs rebooting weekly.



Is there also an RC build for the 11n products (AP One In Wall)?


This thread seems to have gone quiet. Is there any update?


Problems continue. Haven’t heard anything back. It helps if you reboot the unit every few hours but the firmware only supports reboots once a day. ]


@djk, please follow up with us in the ticket if you still face the issue. We have no chance to access the AP to take a closer look.

For those still face issue on v3.6.0 RC7, please open ticket and do us favor below.

  • Provide device Serial number
  • Enable Remote Assistance
  • Download Diagnostic Report from the affected AP when the issue happens.


Communication on the RCs and potential general release has stopped. Any updates? I’m still running RC7 and rebooting my APs weekly and connectivity has remained for my devices.


Ryan all my problems went away with RC7. We are using mostly the AC Mini devices. I’m not Peplink but would respectfully suggest you consider other things that may be causing your problem. I’ve had other problems that I blamed on these the access points which later turned out to be other causes.


Don, I don’t have any issues. I think you missread my post. My question is when are we going to get a GA or are there additional RCs coming.


Ah, ok, got it. So why are you rebooting your devices weekly? Thats what confused me.


Hi All,

As some customers reported the 2.4GHz radio failed after running for a certain period, we spent time on releasing a couple of firmware to debug the case. Another RC firmware is coming in this week, please stay tuned.

Thanks for your support and patience!



Hi Lewis,

our Partner noted the same issues with AP One AC Mini and iPads. The Customer uses iPads to connect to audio controller via Wi-Fi. The iPad looses connection once a few hour and requires resetting the Wi-Fi module.

What is interesting the AV crew used their old TP-Link before and didn’t have such problems. They started using TP-Link again after reporting first problems with Peplink APs.

Some info that might be handy:

  • iPads loose connection even if they are not on the move so this is not a roaming issue
  • The iPad’s IP is static
  • Signal strength is perfect - Partner checked it with a Fluke device

The Customer had previously used Cisco APs and the AV crew had faced the same issues. The problem was solved after disabling checksum on wireless connections.

Hope this helps.


Any news on the new firmware?


Hi All,

Here are the RC8 and corresponding AP Controller Firmware pack 1158.


  1. Fix potential 2.4GHz transmission stuck after running for a certain period



I installed RC8 today. I will report any issues.


Hi all,

We have announced 3.6.0 RC8 as G.A. firmware for our 802.11ac capable AP One.
The firmware and release note are available in our website and InControl2.


Ac mini firmware 3.5.4 really the latest?