WiFi WAN authentication with username password

I’m an RV’er with a Max Transit Duo and Max Transit, how do I connected to a local WiFi network that requires a username/password? Does the Pepwave support this authentication for a WiFi WAN or to I have to use an external USB connected WiFi AP?

can you please clarify what protocol auth?

wifi and password auth on a web page (captive portal) or username and password auth like RADIUS?

give us step-by-step of what you are talking about

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@mystery is right, we may need to know the detail info in-order advice here :grinning:.

I think you can also check the demo device using the following URL to check whether this is what you are looking.

It is an open Wifi. It looks like a captive portal.

Turn off health check on the wifi wan connection,
Connect the Peplink to the public wifi then try and access the internet using a device connected to the Peplink.
The captive portal will pop up you’ll login and from that point onwards, any device connected to the Peplink will connect without needing to login to the captive portal.


Thank you that worked. I didn’t get it working on a Mac laptop, but it worked on a PC.

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