Wi-Fi WAN with Web Login Authentication

I am currently in an RV trying to connect to the local RV Resort Wi-Fi with my Max Transit.

I am aware this topic has been brought up before. I have read through and tried everything on here: WiFi WAN authentication with username password

My issue is that I have gotten my PC to connect and actually use and balance the RV Resort Wi-Fi, but any of my other devices uses 100% cellular. I really would like my TV to use the RV Resort’s Wi-Fi because that is what sucks up about 70% of my data. Any suggestions to get the RV Resort Wi-Fi to apply to all of my devices?

Thank you!

Hi Welcome to the forum!
It sounds like you have the cellular links in a higher prioirty on the dashboard than the wifi wan?. If not and they are the same priority then you will need to add an outbound policy for your TVs - i suggest priority with wifi wan at the top of the list.