Setting up WIFI in a network listed as "open" but it really is not

I use IC2 to manage my Pepwave MAx Transit but I’m not sure how to navigate joining a local WIFI network that is listed as open so there is no place to add a password but there is a password required. It is supposed to be added to a splash page that you get when you try and go online.

On secure networks it is easy because there is a spot for the password.

My issue is my Pepwave does not have a keyboard or monitor so any splash page never shows on the Pepwave. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi, The answer is provided in the following post:

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Thanks, got it to work but one question, I could only click on the public WAN network once it connected with Pepwave so it was too late to change the Health Check and before it connected I was not able to get to the Network option on the Pepwave system. Can you make this change via IC2?

Hi Duchess17,

You can use Remote Web admin from IC2. But I can’t see how that would work from IC2, because you need a internet connection to change any settings on a router with IC2. You need to log on to the router locally to change the health check settings on the WAN if you do not have a working internet connection.
Disabling the health check settings is only needed during the authentication process.
When you are successfully logged on and connected, the health-check can be re-enabled to monitor your WAN connection.

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