WAN Analysis - WAN to WAN Speed Test

WAN Analysis was added in firmware 8.0.0. The feature will allow you to run a WAN to WAN speed test from Peplink to Peplink.

You’ll have the option of setting a device up as a Server or a Client. One device must be set up as a server to run the speed tests and the server must have a public IP address. This is done from the UI under the WAN Analysis tab.

The default port is 6000 and can be changed if required. The IP address of the WAN interface will be shown in the WAN Connection Status section.

The client side has a few more settings that can be changed. Make sure that the Control Port matches what’s been entered on the server side. Select the WAN(s) that will be used for testing and enter the Servers WAN IP address. Once all of the options have been set, click the Start Test button.

The test output will show the Data Streams Parameters, the Throughput as a graph, and the Results.

The test can be run again once it’s complete by clicking the Start button or you can click Close and change the parameters for the test.


This looks great!

Will we be able to use a virtual appliance, or a FusionHub appliance etc to run these tests against?

Don’t fancy having to put a router in a data-centre dedicated just for speed tests.

Is there a roadmap for this features future development as it’s going to be very very useful for us.



Actually, I’ve just seen it’s in the release notes for FusionHub 8.0!

Time for an upgrade! :blush:

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Upgrade done, works like a dream.

This has made my life a million times easier! Great work!

Will you allow testing of SF tunnels in the future?




Hi Dave,

Testing the SF tunnels is already supported in Status>SpeedFusion. You can monitor the connection parameters and perform a speedtest.


This is a great feature, have been testing this and will find it very useful for non Speedfusion installs where we need to have acceptance testing or remote diagnostics post install. :grin:

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