Newbie questions about licences

while searching for a solution for Ip Telephony over 2 bad internet connections i found out that Peplink could maybe solve our problems. So i bought a used Balance 310 (HW3) and installed the latest firmware (8.02) Incontrol2 showed me that the warranty ended in 2014.
I installed a speedfusion vpn on a cloudserver and tried to bond my 2 wan connections, but it doesn’t seem to work as expected. Is it because i need licences?

Thank you for answers and greetings from germany

Hi! Welcome to the forum (and to Peplink). You don’t need any additional licenses.
I am Interested to learn what doesn’t work.

Have you told the B310 to send voip traffic via the Fusionhub? You can do that buy adding outbound policies that tell the traffic to use the VPN connection which use the source or destination IPs / ports as a way to identify what should be sent over the VPN. Or you can just turn on send all traffic via.

Look at this where I talk about that (in this case a BR1 an fusionhub but same idea)

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Good morning,
i really appreciate your help, Martin. Thank you for the great videos, they helped a lot.
Installing FusionHub on a cloud server was easy as well as connecting the Balance router.
I have 2 DSL connections 50/30 and 6/2.5 Mbit/s. A 3rd one is LTE with also 50/30 Mbit/s but this line i cannot use for telephony. If i use them together without outbound rules i get an overall speed of about 100 Mbit/s but i think that`s the normal loadbalancing, right? But if i setup an outgoing rule that sends the traffic through the vpn the bandwith reduces dramaticly. Using connection one and two should be something like 56/32 Mbit/s but i only get between 16 and 20 Mbit/s for download and 12 Mbit/s for upload. The good thing is, if i interrupt one connection, phone calls don’t get interrupted. I’ve added two pictures, the first one is the speedfusion monitor of the Balance router, the second one a localy installed speedtester (speedtester on websites show different results)

Thank you again for your help and best regards


Edit: After sending this post i found an article that discribed the problem. Bonding two lines together with such different speeds reduce the speed, because the bond will run at the speed and latency of the slowest connection

Sorry, i forgot another question. Actually i’m not able to use InControl. I think it’s because the Balance 310 is out of warranty… Would buying an Incontrol subsciption solve this problem?

Best regards

If you let us know where in the world you are a Peplink partner will contact you for sure.

So lets look at the graph again:

I’ve drawn three red boxes. See how when you saturate the links you get latency spikes and packet loss?

The trick is to have a mechanism that detects it and stops using a link which is having a spike of latency for a moment then use it again when latency is better. You can do this with latency Difference Cuttoff:

Which you can turn on in the profile:

Click save and apply on that and then share the result.

Also traffic is optimised by the ISPs (it is their key KPI after all). You want to look at how much usable bandwidth there is between your device and the Fusionhub using WAN Analysis as the real measure of usable bandwidth :
WAN Analysis - WAN to WAN Speed Test

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Hello again,

on the picture you see 4 speedtests. Nr.1 is with a latency difference cutoff of 150 ms
Nr2= 50 ms
Nr3=10 ms
Nr4_10 ms and i also deactivated Wan Smoothing and Forward error correction

Most of the lost packets and the latency spikes come from the slow 6 Mbit connection. I’m afraid this could cause Sip problems. Even when there is very low traffic the latency spikes are too high, so i think i have to check first, if there are problems with the router maybe. I’m glad we still have two month left till our ISDN lines will be turned off. Enough time for testing.

I’ll let you know if i can reduce the latency spikes.

Best regards

Hello Martin,

i’m from Germany.

i already had contact to Ascend,a company in Nuernberg and Peplink Partner.

Isn’t it possible to buy a license in the Peplink shop?

If you want to support your partners i will buy it from them.

Thanks again for your help and best regards

OK great. I’m sure Ascend can take care of you. It’s well worth asking them for assistance with IC2 subscription

It shouldn’t be a problem. The latency spikes here are showing WAN level latency not VPN traffic latency.
Turn on FEC and run a continuous ping over the tunnel to the VoIP PBX to see what you would get for calls.

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