Using the BR1 Mini Port Adapter

Using the console adapter (ACW-411), you could connect the BR1 Mini to devices with a serial port. The adapter is plug-in-play, so it works without any additional software configuration. To use the adapter, connect the LAN & Console port of the BR1 Mini to the ETH/CON port of the Adapter.

Afterwards, you can use the adapter to connect both an Ethernet line and a serial line. The serial port can also accept RJ45 to RS232 adapters.

To configure serial parameters, open the BR1 Mini's Web UI and navigate to Advanced > UART. For detailed decriptions, please read section 20.7 of the MAX and Surf User Manual

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can BR1 Mini port adapter be used on MAX BR1 LTE model as well /or on other MAX models?
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The ACW-411 console port adapter is only applicable to the MAX BR1 Mini.

What are you trying to realize?
Maybe another Pepwave product will fit your needs.

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