BR1 Mini Console ACW-411

I’m having fits trying to get the ACW-411 to work on anything. I’ve enabled “Serial to Network” in the UART settings so I assume to access a serial connection it would now just be [ip address of br1 mini]:4001 assuming we leave it with the default Local TCP Port. But nothing is working. I started with the end goal of connecting to a serial card that just has TX,GRND, and RX and doing a punch down end to get the right pins. But after that didn’t work, I decided to try to connect to standard things like my RS232 connection on a Tripp Lite UPS. That didn’t work. So then I made a rollover cable hoping that would work with the console port on a Balance 305. So I’m missing something…probably something obvious.

So just for testing, what would it take to get the ACW-411 talking to the console port on a Balance 305? The end goal is a serial card in an electrical meter but before digging through settings on the meter I want to make sure I have the BR1 Mini working correctly.



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@jgranade, have you visited the few articles that explain the RS232 implementation? It should able to help.

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Unfortunately, I’ve read all of those articles about a thousand times. :grinning: We’re going RJ45 jacks on both ends in this test and none of the examples have that scenario. I can’t tell if a regular Cat6 cable would work since it’s RS232 DTE on both ends or if I need to do a reverse cable. I’ve tried it all but so far nothing’s working. Steps on how to connect the ACW-411 to the Console Port on a Balance would be awesome. My thought is start with all PepWave and then work out way to other devices.

Can you provide photos how you interconnect the BR1 Mini, ACW-411, and the serial device?

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Here’s a picture showing everything together but it’s really just what you have in this posting. It’s BR1 LAN/Console port to ACW-411 ETH/CON port, ACW-411 console port to rollover cable to Balance Console Port.

I think what’s needed is just a rollover cable but since that’s not working, I’m not sure. To create the rollover cable, I just punched down one keystone following normal T568B standards and the the other end reversed that order.

1- Orange Stripe
2- Orange
3- Green Stripe
4- Blue
5- Blue Stripe
6- Green
7- Brown Stripe
8- Brown

Rollover End
1- Brown
2- Brown Stripe
3- Green
4- Blue Stripe
5- Blue
6- Green Stripe
7- Orange
8- Orange Stripe

Then I try to telnet in to the IP address of the BR1 with port 4001 using putty.

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To help the next person, if going to a RS-232 RJ45 jack, it’s just a regular straight-through cable.

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Additional reference that I did in my lab, to share with others.

  1. Physical Connectivity

  2. Target OOBM Device - Console Port Settings (eg. Enable Console access from Peplink Balance 580)

  3. Enable [Serial to Network] and [Web Console] settings, with necessary Serial Parameters

  4. Do take note the Web Console port is referring to MAX BR1-Mini > Web Admin access port(s)

  5. Successful accessing the Balance 580 - CLI via Web Console (from MAX BR1-Mini + Port Adapter)


Can you provide a cable map to use a modified rj45 cable?
I’d like to do only console with out the ACW-411.
No sites have the ACW-411 by default , but have rj45 ends and ethernet cable.

@Jonathan_Pitts, we wish to help as much as we can, but if you intend to implement 3rd party device OOBM via MAX BR1 Mini (as stated here), the ACW-411 is the solely recommended way.

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