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I’m unable to edit location for many of our devices in InControl2. With fixed locations, we typically don’t connect the GPS antenna and just click Edit and manually set the location in InControl2. This keeps it fixed rather than floating on the map due to GPS accuracy. For many of our devices (but not all), we are missing the option to set the Address or the Location and the map doesn’t display on that Edit page.



Unable to edit location - Previous GPS location

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I’m assuming from the post the devices are GPS capable e.g. BR1 and not from the Balance series?
With the Balance series (without GPS functionality, you should always be able to edit the location.
With the GPS capable devices, BR1 HD etc, you can edit the location until there is a GPS location picked up from the GPS antenna, after that you can’t edit the location and the location will remain at the last place the device was when the GPS signal was lost.
It would be nice to have a manual override for InControl2 so you can force a location.
Not sure how to reset the GPS and start again (could be delete from IC2 and then add it again?)


Wow. What a mess. This does seem to be what’s happening. We had some that were mobile and then we took off the GPS and set them at a fixed location. Some are right if they caught signal prior to us removing the GPS but some have our office as their location as that’s where we configured them… so they’re off by 60 or so miles. :slight_smile: There does need to be some way to reset this.




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In the future plug the GPS devices in near a window on location and then remove the GPS and install the device.
Note that in IC2 it will show the pin point on the map as a transparent green with dotted line around the pin point if there is no GPS signal and a darker green with solid line around the pin point if a valid GPS signal is been received.
Have to have a few devices deployed in different situations to figure theses ones out!


This certainly seems to fit the current situation…but I feel certain we used to change the location. There are some where we set the location via InControl2 and now don’t have that option. It feels like something has changed but maybe I’m just remembering it wrong. It’ll be a pain to have to drive over an hour to some of these remote locations just to briefly hook up the GPS. Hopefully there’s another way.



The request make sense and we will schedule the feature in the feature road-map. This will allow you to reset the last GPS location and edit the device location manually.

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This would be great. Ideally, we’d also have a way to just disable the GPS on the device (just like turning WiFi off/on). Right now I have some units that do have the GPS attached and they “float” on the map. I’d like to turn off GPS and then just edit the location in InControl2 to be a fixed location. Currently, that requires me to go onsite to unhook the GPS and as mentioned in this thread we now can’t edit the location in InControl2. So the ability to turn GPS on/off and Edit the location in InControl2 would be ideal.




In the Group Settings page, there is already an option for disabling GPS location tracking. When the option is checked, all devices in the group will not post GPS data to IC2. Hope it helps.


Moving the device to a group with GPS Disabled does not help, it keeps the last GPS location if the device has previously grabbed GPS coordinates and you still are unable to edit the location. GN0-2014 suggested perhaps removing from InControl2 and adding back might work but it didn’t.


Hi Michael.
I hadn’t noticed this feature before.
Would be nice to have this option for individual devices in a group as we operate some devices which remain stationary (which we would like to set the location manually) and others that move and use GPS (which we would like to remain feed the GPS feed) in the same group.

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A device level option to reset is best to me as we often want stationary and mobile devices in the same group. Bear in mind that if you attach a GPS and it gets a location you still can’t edit that location again…moving it to a group with the option enabled to “Disable GPS Location” doesn’t remove that last coordinate and allow you to then edit. This group setting would help prevent you from getting a GPS read on devices that were intended to be stationary which helps I guess if you accidentally hooked a GPS up. But for us the scenario is more a unit was intended for mobile and now is stationary…there currently isn’t an option to erase that last location and edit it manually in InControl2.



Please stay tuned :o. The requested feature “Erase GPS Last location” have been scheduled.

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This make sense and the requested feature will be schedule for Incontrol2 feature enhancement. Please stay tuned :slight_smile:

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I have a Balance 30 LTE. It was initially configured at the office in Menlo Park, and then moved to its permanent home in the mountains. IC2 reports it as still being located at the office in Menlo Park.

How can I correct this, and “move” it to the new location?


You can simply visit the device’s details page, click the Edit link above the information to enter the edit mode, and then change its Address.


The only “details” I see in IC2on the “Device Details” page are associated with specific WANs - none of which have location info. The location entry only has a “hide”/“show address” toggle.

Please advise.




Please refer to the attached screenshot.

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That’s the ticket!




Hello. Trying to look into similar situation, but having difficulty making sense of the whole discussion above, so far, and a year has gone by since last entry. I have a customer device on test bench. MAX BR1 with GPS enabled and antenna connected. Customer has complained that “GPS is not tracking device”. Customer sent a screen shot of their IC2 page for this device and it does still show it is located at their office. We are about 70 miles from their office. They have a few other MAX BR1’s that all show accurate locations in IC2. Unfortunately, I don’t see the device location or GPS coordinates displayed anywhere in the user interface. (I am connected to the BR1 directly via Ethernet). How can we determine if device has an actual / accurate location fix and how can we get it to show correctly in IC2? Thanks!


May i know the GPS antenna is line of sight facing to the sky ? Default as long as GPS signal is detected by the device, the GPS map info should displayed.

Detail info can be found using the following URL:

If you still not able to get the GPS map displayed, please open a support ticket here for support team to check.