Unable to edit location - Previous GPS location

Hello Peplink Team
This is in relation to both Ticket # 780894 and

We have customers that need to relocate Pepwave MAX equipment to new locations where the GPS antenna will not be used in the new location.

We have been manually updating the location information in InControl2 though it does not reflect in InControl2 due to the previous GPS record having a higher priority (based on the response from @Oh_Yaw_Theng).

Can we please have a tool/option within InControl2 to either:

  • erase/reset the GPS history so that a new updated location can be entered?
  • provide a new temporary location until GPS is restored?

Although it currently makes no technical difference to the operation of the Pepwave MAX, it would be good if the location shown in the maps could be manually updated until a new or fresh GPS location is received so to represent where the equipment is when the GPS is not available.

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Marcus :slight_smile:

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A good idea, we would appreciate this capability also. +1

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We had the same problem and followed Michaels instructions to move the device to an empty group, disable GPS location tracking and than move it back again to it’s primary group. It worked :slight_smile:

We will add an action in the Device Management screen to allow users to remove devices’ GPS location data in the coming IC 2.6.1. For devices without GPS location, you can change their location by going to their Device Details page and clicking the Edit link.


Hello @Michael,
As we are running InControl2 Version 2.6.2, can you guide us to where this setting is to

We have looked through the release notes for 2.6.1 & 2.6.2 and the various menus, maybe it is so obvious we have looked over it.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

@mldowling, here you go.