Two suggestions for future Firmware

  1. Add option to revert to previous working configuration, when a new configuration is marked as testing. Purpose being Peplink router would automatically fallback to working configuration after running new configuration for specified amount of time or after loss of WAN / USB Connection for specified amount of time.

  2. Add option to temporarily break WAN / USB Modem Connection when amount of data transferred hits given percent of monthly or daily allowed limit. Purpose stop a user or process from using up all monthly GBs allowed.

Hello @AstiRusty,

In Regards to Point #1

This has already been requested in several other posts, suggest reading and then adding you voice onto some of these as suitable:

In Regards to Point #2

This feature already exists and has been written about previously within the form.

On devices with inbuilt modems (such as the Pepwave MAX models), it looks like this.

On devices using external USB modems (such as the Balance Router models), it looks like this

You will need to be on Firmware 8.0.0 or later. The setting is found at the bottom of the “Cellular Settings” for inbuilt cellular modems and for external USB modems it is found under “Bandwidth Allowance Monitor”.

There is also a way with request #2 to do this on a daily per user basis using the Captive Portal features of the Balance & MAX routers, search the forum for information on how to do this, we have done this for many customers that need daily limits for client devices (such as with Guest networks).

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Feature request #2 is different in two regards than existing feature.

a) Feature requested is to temporarily break the WAN / USB Modem Connection. Not leave it disabled as stated: “It will not resume unless this option has been turned off or the usage has been reset when a new billing cycle starts.”.
With connection disabled, only way to re-connect is to wait X-number of days or drive to location and turn off the option in person.

b) Feature would allow time period other than monthly. With faster cellular speeds, usage in a single day could burn through entire allotted usage for a month.

In regards to using Captive Portal, to best of my knowledge it is designed for outgoing connections, internal user connecting to WWW. Captive Portal portal would not monitor an external user making a connection to internal device.

No. The idea is you block user traffic and only allow access via InControl2 so you can still do a remote web admin, you can still change the bandwidth allowances for each sim etc.

Your suggestion of breaking the WAN / USB connection for a period of time is unclear to me. I like the idea of a daily bandwidth allowance however.

This is true.

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The existing “Bandwidth Allowance Monitor Settings” do not give you option to block user traffic.
“Bandwidth Allowance Monitor Settings” will only let you choose to “Disconnect when usage hits 100% of monthly allowance”.
With WAN-1 (connected to modem for Internet access) disconnected, InControl2 could not access the Router.

Essentially, Disabling (turn off) WAN-1, WAN-2, USB-modem, or all three, to force processes transferring data to fail. After a specified time, WAN-1, WAN-2, USB-modem, or all three would be Enable (turned on).

Similar to how Heartbeat switches work. Except switches detect lost Internet service. After given number of retries, the Heartbeat switch disables power, waits specified number of seconds, then enables power. Difference being, PepLink firmware would detect excessive usage and disable / re-enable it’s Internet connections.

How would excessive usage be defined? Like we do currently with a monthly bandwidth allowance but then perhaps with more granular allowance periods (like per week and per day)?

So the specified time would be either till the end of the month, week, day etc right?

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This would be a great feature.

Already exists. Its the reserve for management traffic tick box.

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Thanks for the info.

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