Restore previous configuration if not confirmed change to new

The device is at a remote location.
The configuration is changed.
You messed up, and the device goes off line.

You have to physically go there to restore the previous (working) configuration.

Feature request:
To have an option (or even default) that when one hits “apply changes” and the configuration changes, there be a confirmation page that requires an affirmative “OK/it works” button. If that button is not hit then the configuration reverts to the previous (working) one after <N> seconds (e.g., 30).

Support does not have to schlep through sleet and rain and snow to get the device back on line.

Side note:
Other vendors of potentially remotely deployed devices provide this feature. It has been very helpful at times.


Hello zegor_mjol,

It looks like our engineers are currently working on something like this. They are aiming to have supported added in IC2 2.8.0 that if a device isn’t able to reach IC2 within 10 minutes it should automatically role back.



I am happy to hear you intend to adopt aconfiugration rollback. But Im afraid that using reachability to IC2 as a factor is incorrect.

What if external effects completely unrelated to the config change I make cause temporary loss of reachability to IC2 during the period of the the rollback timer ?
What if the network design deliberately does not include IC2 communication?

All that is needed is a timer (preferably with a user defined duration), an auto rollback, and a way to cancel the auto-rollback by logging onto the device.

There is no need to involve IC2 at all for the requested functionality.
If you want it to do more, then fair enough, but that is not what we are asking for

Kind regards

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@Zach_Tangen Kindly note that this feature will also be important for those implementations that do NOT use IC2. We’d strongly prefer to have it included in the device firmware so all routers have this feature.

This is also consistent with what @DKonkin is saying, I think.

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Looking forward to this is implemented. This can potential save me taking an helicopter trip at some sites. Or a long hike in the wintertime.

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