Tagging in InControl 2

In InControl 2, you can selectively apply updates and easily sort through your information with the use of the Tagging mechanic. In InControl 2, a TAG is a keyword or term assigned to a Peplink device; once assigned, the TAG can be used for a number of purposes -

  • Tracking
  • Configuration
  • Reporting
  • Administrative
  • and more!

To configure the Tag, simply go to the Device Level for the applicable unit and scroll to TAG. Once there, simply assign the particular Keyword(s). Keep in mind that a device can have any number of TAGS assigned to it and a TAG can be assigned to any number of Devices in the Group.

Bulk Tagging -

You can also assign a TAG to a group of devices concurrently from the Group Level Dashboard. Hit the “Manage” option and select the applicable units. Then select TAG and assign the Keyword(s) to the applicable unit(s).

Now that you have got Tags set up, you have a number of options available to you for their use.

Under Notifications (Group Level), you can selectively decide if a unit(s) will send status updates -



From the Device List (Group Level), you can easily and quickly sort your unit list -


At the Group Level “Manage” option, you can selectively enable DPI Reports along with enabling Wi-Fi Analytic Data collection -


Tagging will also let you selectively apply configuration updates to your deployment directly for VLANs, SSIDs and Geo-Fencing -


From the Group Level Manage Option you can use Tags to enable selective Firmware update along with the Find My Peplink Feature, enable or disable a unit’s built in Wi-Fi AP (when applicable) or toggle an AP from Bridge/Router mode -



Finally, Tagging makes administration of your account easy. You can selectively move devices from one group to another, Remove devices along with enabling Remote Assistance or Factory resetting the unit -



Jason, I was great meeting and talking with you this week. I am poking around under the hood and I am curious about tagging. Is there a way to generate a lit of tags that have been created? Can we also place descriptions of that tag in a field with it, so we can ensure the the tags being assigned are the correct tags?

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Hi Brian:

Glad to chat also!

Regarding Tag lists: Currently not elegantly, you can sort group lists via Tag and copy and paste things into a word doc but there isn’t a way that I’m aware of currently.

Throw something up in the forum in Feature Requests however! That does get eyes from Engineering to take a closer look and having it come from Partners means a great deal more in importance.