Peplink DDNS service : Find my Peplink

With Find My Peplink, you can look up your device and find the IP addresses of all its healthy public WAN connections using a DNS hostname.


  • Find My Peplink works for all Balance and MAX devices.
  • Your device needs to be running Firmware 6.2.2 or later.

Enabling it on InControl 2

Find My Peplink is disabled by default. To activate it, follow the instructions below:

On your device’s management page, click the edit button next to the near the top left corner

Scroll down and click the on/off button next to Find My Peplink Service

Click the On Button and change your Find My Peplink Address if desired.
Please note that each address needs to be unique, and are given on a first come, first served basis.
That’s all!

You can now test this from any command prompt:

Open the command prompt, type nslookup followed by the Find My Peplink Address, press enter and you’ll see the WAN IP addresses of your Peplink.

This video below shows a quick overview of the “Find My Peplink” feature.

Note: We are planning to make an enhancement to this feature as described here, your feedback on this (or another) idea is appreciated. Find My Peplink - Use "detected" IP vs. actual WAN interface IP - #4 by Travis