Starlink app fix

Do I have incorrect settings? I’ve updated to the special firmware and enabled the “Management IP Address” and used and tried both (/24) and (/32) - I am getting a “404 Not Found” at url on my browser.

Starlink Android App running on same network also not working.

Thanks in advance

Use any address but


Ok thanks - I used and (/24). Going to or gives me 404. I assume I have to include some other settings someplace to forward to or vice versa??

If you’re using a multiwan scenario you may need to set the outbound policy to enforce - starlink wan - dest


Thanks - I am using multiwan - tried that outbound policy and a few others without any luck.

If you want to open a support ticket and post the ticket # I can take a look quick. Make sure you include your S/N in the ticket.

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Strange - I removed the outbound policy. Settings under “Management IP Address” I have and (/24). Went to in my browser and presto I get the Starlink page. If I go to the IP I set as the Management IP -, I get the 404 error? Going to on a device that always uses the Starlink WAN is producing the Starlink page.

More information and the recommended settings guide posted here.


@WeiMing thanks for this revision ! It helped me connect to the management GUI of a non-Starlink LTE-modem in DHCP mode. Is there any chance of enabling this feature for Static IP mode as well? I have a DSL modem with static IP and would love to be able to access its management GUI as well. Thanks again!