Starlink app fix

Do I have incorrect settings? I’ve updated to the special firmware and enabled the “Management IP Address” and used and tried both (/24) and (/32) - I am getting a “404 Not Found” at url on my browser.

Starlink Android App running on same network also not working.

Thanks in advance

Use any address but


Ok thanks - I used and (/24). Going to or gives me 404. I assume I have to include some other settings someplace to forward to or vice versa??

If you’re using a multiwan scenario you may need to set the outbound policy to enforce - starlink wan - dest


Thanks - I am using multiwan - tried that outbound policy and a few others without any luck.

If you want to open a support ticket and post the ticket # I can take a look quick. Make sure you include your S/N in the ticket.

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Strange - I removed the outbound policy. Settings under “Management IP Address” I have and (/24). Went to in my browser and presto I get the Starlink page. If I go to the IP I set as the Management IP -, I get the 404 error? Going to on a device that always uses the Starlink WAN is producing the Starlink page.

More information and the recommended settings guide posted here.


@WeiMing thanks for this revision ! It helped me connect to the management GUI of a non-Starlink LTE-modem in DHCP mode. Is there any chance of enabling this feature for Static IP mode as well? I have a DSL modem with static IP and would love to be able to access its management GUI as well. Thanks again!

Hope this is the proper forum. I have the PEPWAVE Surf SOHO MK3. I also now have Starlink Beta. How can I replace the Starlink router with the Surf? Seems the new firmware has not been released for the Surf. FOUND the link by using a google search. The search within the forum did not bring up the firmware info.

It’s in 8.1.2 beta

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I have no idea about whether Peplink released the beta software for the Surf as I use a different Peplink router; however, all the new firmware does is give you the ability to see Dishy stats.

Before the new firmware from Peplink, I just plugged the feed from Starlink, my Peplink router, and the Starlink router into a POE hub/switch. I had to change to the Starlink router’s wifi to see Dishy stats, but that took about 5 seconds. So, while it’s more convenient to have the new firmware, it’s not a big deal to have two routers being fed from the Starlink dish. It works fine.

Hi Weiming.

I just got a Balance 20X today to pair up with my Starlink so I can use a 4g failover. I got it up and running quickly enough but I have found this app issue but I can see the firmware updates for the devices listed. Is there one coming for the B20X?


@jeremyisme, do you mean a new (latest) firmware that includes the fix? The firmware 8.1.2GA has included the fix, you may check out the announcement. Or, do enlighten me if I have misunderstood your message. :thinking:


Hi @WeiMing Ah, I hadn’t clicked on the ? under hostname to activate it. I’ve got it working now. Thanks!


EDIT - Questions…

  1. So I have access to the Starlink App page, but stats is blacked out. Speed Test doesn’t work… I’m assuming both is because the router is bypassed.

  2. Just to be clear, I should have the v2 Starlink router bypassed, correct?

I have to say, this guide was SUPER helpful.

It would be awesome if Peplink would have a Starlink specific forum. I’d love some policy help from people load balancing with Starlink.

Firestick Streaming policy to put downloads to Starlink?
Gaming (COD, Valorant) - upload via DSL?

I got this working, but only after putting as the management address. Could someone please explain, or point me to the right documentation, of what that ‘Management Address’ actually designates?

More details:
My Peplink primary LAN is set for I do not know if others use, and that explains the difference. With the configuration above, I can connect to Starlink on, and the Starlink App on my iPad is also working fine. If I switch the Management Address to, as described in this topic, I get a 404 error.


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I’m glad I stumbled on this post. I have the same issue. When configuring, I get the 404 error. I changed the config to like maciek mentions above and presto, everything works as it should.

I’m not a networking guy and stumble through this stuff. No idea why this works but hopefully it’ll help someone else out.

Well, so there are the two of us, but still no answer. Hopefully, someone can chime in.


Is the MAX BR1 capable of granting full starlink gui access?

  • I am unable to reach the starlink GUI - details below. Thanks in advance. *

Starlink router =
Peplink router =
Peplink router MGMT =,, = all fail

In all of my troubleshooting the best I get when I enter MGMT address or =

"You are connected to Starlink! :rocket: "

When I connect directly to the starlink wifi router I can reach the Starlink GUI.

8.3.0 build 5256