SpeedFusion Solo - How to Obtain your Copy

You’ve learned or heard about FusionHub Solo and you’re wondering how to obtain your copy so that you can start taking advantage of bonding. Well this article is for you.

First you’ll need to have an InControl2 (IC2) account and you’ll also need to have a Group created in your Organization. If you don’t yet have an account, you’ll need to create one - this can be done by going to incontrol2.peplink.com. Signing up is easy and free. Here is a guide that goes more in-depth about some of the features of IC2.

After you’ve signed in you’ll see your Organization Name in the upper right. Our example Organization’s Name is Shield HQ. Hover over the Org Name, hover over Organization Settings, and then click on Warranty & License.


Click on Acquire FusionHub License…

Select Solo License (1 peer, 100 Mbps) and click the Aquire button.


If you have more than one Group, you’ll be able to select the Group you’d like the license to be added to, or you can click Skip and add it to a Group later. I’m adding it to the Asgard Embassy.


By default the Device Name will be the serial number of the FusionHub instance. I’ve changed the name so that we know this is for Thor’s Bonding needs. Fighting crime is hard, but it doesn’t have to be when you have a reliable internet connection.

Once you click on the Add button you will be redirected to the Group Level.

After you have got the device added to your IC2 account you’ll need to go about setting up the FusionHub image. We currently have support for Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud, Azure, ESXi, VirtualBox, and more.

A video has also been put together and can be watched here: