Failover balance 210 time

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Im new to this community i just bought a peplink balance 210 , i did the configuration and everything is working fine

i just have a small problem , i have 2 wans when i have a failover on my wan 1 it takes 5 secondes or more to switch to wan 2

is there any way to switch beetwen the wans without the 5 seconds disconnection

i have a stream and it should always be up

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Well, the easiest option one might consider: Reduce the health check interval a bit.

The more sophisticated (and expensive) alternative: Implement “Speed Fusion.” See, for example, . (This really works!)

If you care to say a bit more about your application the community here should be able to help further.

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As @Rick-DC says you need SpeedFusion VPN. You can use a free FusionHub Solo license and host it in the cloud for $5/month build a SpeedFusion VPN tunnel from your B210 to the virtual FusionHub appliance and have seamless hot failover for your stream.


Thank you for your response @Rick-DC , i have already redcuced the health check intervel and all other settings to the minimum but i have always to wait few secondes beetwen the traffic transfer

i will accept it , i have just a last question please about your proposition of “Speed Fusion” i saw this service on my B210 network setting , is this service not integrated on my balance or i need to pay for it

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Thank you for your response , i would to mention that my stream machine , my wans and my B210 are on the same Site , i still need to do a vpn connection ?

Once you have the B210 optimized for fail-over time (and it seems you have) @MartinLangmaid’s suggestion is definitely the best one. I’d suggest you might start here —> SpeedFusion Solo - How to Obtain your Copy. @Zach_Tangen provided a step-by-step procedure. Search the forum further a bit and you’ll find lots of good information on this.


okey thank you for your cooperation .

Your B210 can do SPeedFusion VPN bonding - you don’t need any additional license for it.

Yes. you do. To seamlessly failover across multiple separate WAN connections (or to use multiple WAN connections at the same time as if they were one logic connection) requires some form of technology that can split up traffic that will be sent over those links and then puts it back together again at the other end.

Since the web sites and services you want to access likely don’t have Peplink SpeedFusion Enabled devices (yet), that means you need to recombine your traffic yourself somewhere on the internet and then forward that on from there to where it needs to go.

Your your setup becomes:
Balance 210 → [SpeedFusion Bonding] → FusionHub Virtual Appliance → Internet

The FusionHub can be hosted anywhere in the cloud on a reliable fast internet connection (eg Azure, AWS, Vultr, Upcloud etc).

Loads of info on here about FusionHub hosting. Good luck!


thank you very much for this informations