SpeedFusion Cloud and soho MK3

I’m looking for the least expensive peplink box to connect to SpeedFusion Cloud, bonding a wired connection and a wireless as wan connection, via a cell phone hotspot.

I’d like to use wan smoothing to replicate a voip phone’s traffic across both links.

Can both a wired wan and wireless as wan connection be active at the same time, connected to SpeedFusion Cloud, on the soho MK3?

Thank you.

Yes, both a Wired WAN and WIFI as Wan can be active at the same time when connecting to SpeedFusion Cloud.

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Can you please clarify this with regards to the Surf SOHO MK3 in particular? As I understand it, this product only supports PepVPN for site to site VPN connection to other Peplink routers and NOT SpeedFusion. I’ve checked the Peplink product page and there’s no mention of SpeedFusion in the specs there. However, there is a section on VPN that is a bit misleading as it does note SpeedFusion here.

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As a follow-up, I purchased a SoHo MK3 to test, and you can bond a wired WAN and WiFi as Wan connection for simultaneous use via SpeedFusion Cloud, on firmware 8.1. I seem to be running into a bug where I can’t enable WAN smoothing, but I see both connections in use at the same time, via the tunnel status page. Very cool!

@evdovalerie, bonding 2 WANs is allowed for SOHO MK3 provided SpeedFusion Cloud is activated.


Thank you! I suppose then it is safe to assume this applies to any device, including the Balance 20 using 3 wired WAN connections?

@evdovalerie, you are correct.