SOHO MK3 freezes

Occasionally my SURF_SOHO_612A freezes. The router stops serving wireless networks, and I cannot log into the https management interface. My InControl account indicates “Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 offline for more than 2 minute. Last appeared time …”. I do not notice anything unusual about its LED activity.

The only recourse is a cold power reboot. I cannot see anything in the logs to indicate anything. What can I do to debug this issue?

Please ensure the SOHO is running the latest firmware version. If the problem persists with the latest firmware version, please submit a ticket for us to check.

I already have 8.1.1. If it freezes again, what should I have prepared when I open the ticket? But I don’t know I I can do, since I cannot login to the system at that state.


Please make sure you download diagnostic report from the device and attached in the support ticket.

Also please make sure you enable Peplink RA access for the device to allow Support team to check from the device.

Do the wireless networks still exist? That is, does a Wi-Fi scanner still see the SSIDs?

You say that you can’t log in to the device. Is that via both WiFi and Ethernet or have you only tried Wifi?

Is the router connected to a surge protector or UPS?

If you have InControl2, I would certainly check there too.

Next time it happens, I suggest creating the diagnostic report as soon as it reboots. What appears as a hang could be a hang or an overloaded CPU. If you can, leave the dashboard screen up so you can see if the cpu spikes to 100%. I know, the problem is occasional which makes it harder to solve.

Thanks for the reply. I have visited these options and will be ready for them should this happen again.

The wireless networks are not available, their SSIDs are not broadcast. My wireless clients that were connected to a WiFi network have their connection killed, and their status says they are not connected to any Wifi network.

I usually login to the router on a wired Ethernet connection. I do not think the router passes traffic to other wired Ethernet ports on the router, but I am not sure. Of course, further downstream, my IP address from DHCP is not disturbed, and if there is an Ethernet switch with multiple clients on, they can still talk to each other. But in this case, there always is an Ethernet switch between the clients and the router.

InControl shows the host to be down, in fact I have it send email notifications, and I receive them.

No UPS or surge protectors, and my power is generally stable, no blackouts, no problems with any other electrical equipment at that time of these occurrences.

These incidents have happened once every two or three months, totaling 4 times.