Should the Max BR1 mini be able to receive verizon SMS text message?

I ran into a problem today – to login to verizon to manage verizon account, verizon offers only the option to send a temporary code to my hotspot plan number.
Under SMS Toolkit, SIM B, SMS from dropdown, it says no SMS. Have refreshed and tried resending several times.

I haven’t tried this since applying firmware 8.0.0. I know it did work in the past.

Are there any known issues receiving a text message from verizon on a verizon hotspot SIM in the Max BR1 mini now?

From BR1 mini
Advanced tab -> SIM Toolkit
SIM Status WAN Connection: Cellular SIM Card 2
Tool: SMS


Modem firmware was updated in April/May 2019 and shows latest firmware

Additional troubleshooting attempts:

1.) Changed to different verizon SIM that can receive text messages successfully in verizon jetpack (tested successfully just now in same location. Test text message comes through when SIM is in jetpack.) placed in BR1 mini to test. BR1 mini says “No SMS” after 5 minutes still with this different SIM.

2.) Changed verizon sim from slot 2 to slot 1. Rebooted. BR1 mini still says “No SMS” after 5 minutes.

3.) Called Verizon and tech support rep said text messages are enabled / not blocked for SIM that I was trying with first.

4.) Rebooted device to firmware 7.1.2 (I believe… the latest version before 8.0.0… I’ve already booted back to 8.0.0 now) and no change from firmware 8.0.0. SMS toolkit still says “No SMS” instead of listing or receiving SMS text messages sent to it.

Is there somewhere that you have to enable the BR1 mini to receive text messages?

Any other ideas on how to get the text messages to be received and show up under SMS toolkit from devices web GUI?

A problem is that the Verizon SIM I have for the BR1 mini I chose to easily fit the BR1 mini. Unfortunately it is the larger size and won’t fit in my jetpack or other device that uses a micro size SIM. So I can’t put the BR1 SIM in an alternate device I have in order to get the verizon text message.

Verizon has the only option when I try and login to my account there to send a 1 time auth code to the SMS number of the hotspot plan to “Confirm that it’s me”. So without being able to read the SMS on the BR1, I’m not able to login to verizon or manage my verizon account which I only have the BR1 device on.