Setting up guest network on Surf SOHO using Incontrol2

Can anyone help me with screenshots as to how I would set up a Guest network on a Surf SOHO please, ideally using Incontrol2 or, if not, the Pepwave interface? The reason I ask for screenshots is that, although I am far from being a luddite, I am also just as far from having network installation skills and this is my first time doing anything remotely like this! Software is more my forte and networks are never something I have been involved in. I recently purchased the SOHO router after reading an excellent article on router security following problems I had after long term residential guests logged onto my network who had little to zero sense regarding internet security. I need to be able to give guests access to my satellite internet since there is no access to 3G in the remote area I live but without the guests jeopardising my router, network or hardware in any way. Also, if at all possible, I want to lock down them viewing certain content as it was this that caused the problem in the first place. Within Incontrol2, I have looked at the add VLAN network option but much of the information it then requires me to set is beyond my skill level and I ended up removing visibility of my router from my own hardware, other than the laptop I had connected via Ethernet to the SOHO! I had to factory reset the router and I now admit defeat and hopefully someone can help me not take another two hours to achieve zero! Thanks in advance.

This should fit the bill perfectly

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Hello @Jordan,
Here is a guide to setting up VLANs using InControl2 for printer isolation, the principles can also be taken further for guest network isolation.

Content Filtering has been available in most peplink devices in one for or another since Firmware 6.3.2

There is more details on the List based Content Filtering here

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