Firmware 6.3.2 is Now Available!

Firmware 6.3.2 is now publicly available as GA. It has several useful new features:

  • LAN as WAN
    : With a software license, you can convert up to 3 LAN ports into WAN ports as the situation requires. This feature is available on the MAX HD4 and the Balance One. - Improved Content Filtering
    : We have added the “Audio and Video” category, as well as the option to redirect blocked surfers to a customizable page. - Local AP Scheduling
    : The Surf SOHO, MAX BR1, and MAX On-The-Go can now schedule on-off times for their router’s built-in AP. - PepVPN Port Forwarding
    : Designate ports for each of their LAN clients while running NAT Mode on PepVPN. This ensures that remote devices will be able to reach each LAN client individually.

Here is a copy of the release notes, try it out!

The Peplink Team


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