Remote User Access Settings For FusionHub

We are working on Remote User Access on FusionHub, it is expected to be available in next firmware.
You can message me if you want to beta test this feature.


@Kenny, we have a similar request from another post.

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Here is beta firmware for Remote User Access support in FusionHub (L2TP/PPTP/OpenVPN):

Please note: DHCP server on “SpeedFusion” setting page is also for Remote User Access.


Hello @Kenny,
When we attempt to push this out from InControl2 for testing on one of our systems, we are receiving an error message.

PM me if you need more details.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

@mldowling, please find the screenshot below.

I don’t have any problem to upgrade the FusionHub from 8.0.0 to 8.0.0b047. Please ensure the Upgrade only is unchecked on the firmware management page. Please open ticket if you still encounter the issue.

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Hello @TK_Liew,
All sorted, there was a typo in the initially posted URL, @Kenny has updated the thread with the corrected URL now.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Hello @TK_Liew & @Kenny ,

No luck for me until now connecting on a FusionHub using OpenVPN.

Does it need to have a LAN interface?


@Venn, please refer to the knowledgebase below.

I have no problem to establish the OpenVPN with FusionHub (1 WAN only).


  1. Have you put the OpenVPN client profile (.ovpn) into the correct file path as per knowledgebase?

  2. Have you enable the DHCP Server at Network > SpeedFusion > DHCP Server For NAT Mode Profile?

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It works with L2TP but not with OpenVPN

I’m using Sophos SSL client on Windows which seems to be a fork of OpenVPN ( installing the sophos client after OpenVPN overwrites it) and the source of the issue. I’ll try to make them coexist and see if it solves the issue.


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Hi Venn, can you try: , improved compatibility with Windows OpenVPN client.

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Remote User Access is official supported in 8.0.1 beta 2.
Please note: DHCP server setting also apply to Remote User Access.


I am also having trouble connecting to Fusionhub via OpenVPN. A port checker took indicates nothing is responding on port 1194.

8.0.2 build 1656


I have reply your question via the following post :

Please help to perform packet capture at the Fusionhub end and verify whether the OpenVPN traffics generate from the client is reaching to the FusionHub. If you found the traffics is reaching to the FusionHub please follow up that using a support ticket.

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Can someone confirm this is working for FHub hosted on AWS, I’m getting issues configuring this even with all ports open.


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Which VPN service you are using?

for OpenVPN, the Server IP address in the ovpn file is set to FusionHub’s private IP address, you need to modify the ovpn file to set server IP address to FusionHub’s public IP address. We will improve this in future release.


I tried OpenVPN and LT2P over IPSEC.

That would explain for OpenVPN, I’ll try editing the file.

For the L2TP, any idea?

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L2TP works out of the box in our test.

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With 8.1 firmware ?

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tested L2TP with 8.0.2 and 8.1.0, both work fine.

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I confirm it works with OpenVPN with a better client (sophos one was failing).

No luck for L2TP, I probably made a mistake somewhere.

Thanks !

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