Remote User Access Settings For FusionHub


Is Remote User Access Settings is going to be available for FusionHub?



Yes, that is on the roadmap. At the meantime, you can setup Remote User Access in a Balance/MAX that is connected to FusionHub to access the SpeedFusion Networks.

If Balance/MAX does not have static IP address, you can connect using FusionHub’s IP address by setting up port forwarding rules for PPTP:

  1. Setup a Remote User Access (PPTP) account in Balance/MAX
  2. Setup Port Forwarding rules in FusionHub:
    i) TCP 1723 port --> Balance/MAX’s untagged LAN IP address
    ii) IP Protocol 47 --> Balance/MAX’s untagged LAN IP address


Hello Kenny,
Thank you for your response. glad to hear that this is on the roadmap. Is the RoadMap available for public? If yes please share that.

I have no public Ip for the Balance Router. Therefore I need to connect using the FusionHub IP.

I am using the fusionhub virtual appliance in Microsoft Azure. And under connection setting the connection method there can only be DHCP. as I believe Microsoft will provide only a Public Static IP, Without gateway and DNS1 And DNS2.

All that I got from Microsoft is the following

  1. Static IP (Used already for speedfusion to connect Azure-to on premises)
  2. Subnet Mask
  3. a FQDN which can be used to connect to fusionhub VM if i did not want to connect using the Static IP itself.

Is the connection possible without the Static connection method.

Awaiting your reply!
Many Thanks,


We don’t have concrete release date for this feature yet.
Unfortunately, Azure does not allow incoming PPTP connection (more precise, Azure firewall always block incoming IP protocol 47 packets, there is not way to configure Azure firewall to accept it) so above workaround is not applicable to Azure.


Hello Kenny,

Thank you for your reply! I believe you understood what I am trying to achieve here! is there any other workaround. something other than PPTP. I want to have an access while I am outside the office using the Reserved IP provided by Azure.

Thank you!


I would suggest switching from PPTP to L2TP - it is more secure, and should not be blocked by Azure. You would still need to open the proper ports/protocols in the Azure firewall, port forward those from FusionHub to your balance’s LAN IP (inside the tunnel), and configure the proper authentication settings on your balance.

This article should help you find the right ports and settings needed to achieve the setup in Kenny’s previous guide.


Hello, any updates on the road map and availability of this this remote user access feature for FHB?

I have a customer who has similar requirement.
He needs to connect PPTP to L2TP to his HD2 but via FHB sitting at AWS because HD2 does not have public ip address and DDNS does not work, is not an option as well.

Can I do port forward from FHB towards the LAN ip address of the HD2 via existing SF tunnel instead of HD2’s WAN interface ip address?

Looks like Remote User Access is only listening at the WAN interfaces?
or anyone has better way for a workaround please?


Use port forward from FusionHub to Balance/MAX to enable remote user access only work for PPTP. This is not working for L2TP (and no way to make it work now).

In Balance/MAX’s “Remote User Access” page, select "PPTP’, in “Listen On” row, select at least one WAN connection, that can be any WAN (even a disabled WAN).

Details for setting port forwarding rule on FusionHub is in the 2nd post of this thread.


We are working on Remote User Access on FusionHub, it is expected to be available in next firmware.
You can message me if you want to beta test this feature.