Pepwave Surf SoHo doesn’t see iPhone 6 hotspot


We just bought a Verizon JetPack while signing up for a Verizon account to use with my husband’s old iPhone 6. The JetPack works great with my Pepwave Surf SoHo router, but I can’t connect the iPhone because the router doesn’t see it (it doesn’t show up in the network list). The hotspot is turned on and my iPhone 7+ sees it in the WiFi network list :thinking: Am I doing something wrong? What am I missing??


I’m having the same issue kind of. I see the iphone 6 but it won’t connect. I’ve reset (both) and it still won’t connect?


May i know the firmware version running for the SOHO device ? Beside that, would you able to help isolate the issue by changing the Iphone name to a simple name (used as the SSID) ?

Detail info, please refer to the forum post below:


Where do I find the firmware version?


Found it :+1:t2:
6.3.3 Build 1068


Firmware 6.3.3 build 1069

SSID is “iPhone 6”



Do you still having issue on this ?


We are on a cruise now so I’m not near the PepWave, but the problem remains. I can’t get it to see the iPhone hotspot OR the Verizon JetPack :confused:



Can you please try upgrading the firmware on the SOHO? This can be done from System > Firmware. Another option is finding the Hardware Revision and downloading the current version of firmware from here. You’ll still navigate to System > Firmware to manually upload the firmware file.