Pepwave Max transit Duo Hot to touch

My Pepwave max 4E25 is overheating. I use one T-Mobile SIM card and have tried everything including balancing it on its plug only so literally it’s metal base touches nothing. This last time it ran so hot it stopped working then burned my hand trying to throw in my refrigerator because I was concerned it would burn down my rv. I need a solution or instructions on how to return it.

Hi Rachel. First thing: Don’t put it in the refrigerator when it’s warm/hot. 2nd: Contact your Peplink Partner about this –regardless if the ultimate solution is return or replace. This is absolutely not expected behavior. Partners have an obligation to deal with issues such as this on behalf of their customers.

Thanks Rick. Last time I called in they don’t answer phone.

Open a Peplink Support Ticket and the support team will call on your Peplink Partner to deal with it.

Hmmm. If your Peplink Partner (not Peplink) did not answer the next step would be to enter a ticket here. Before doing so, download a diagnostic report to be attached to the ticket (preferably while the “event” is in progress) and also turn on remote assistance.

How hot? Do you have a temp gun? Or can you tell from the admin panel?

These things can run hot, its usually normal.

Where are you keeping the device when its getting hot?

Just so you are aware, putting hot electronics in a fridgerator could create condensation… and we all know what that does to electronics.

How hot was ambient? Are you in a hot climate? Was it in a cabinet? Was any of it’s function (connectivity / speed) affected?

Thanks for advice. The ticket link was helpful.

Do you mind also sharing some details here?