MAX Transit 5G case gets HOT 🔥

Is anyone aware of the MAX Transit 5G case temperature (and possibly internals) being an issue?

I wonder why they didn’t design the case like more of a metal finned heatsink (size perhaps?). Or maybe the hot/warm temperature of the case is a non-issue and I am overreacting.

Do they use thermal paste or any other kind of heat dissipation inside the case?

I just ordered a temp device to check it tomorrow to report actual case temps.


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Hello @ThirdEyeSamuel,
This subject has been covered several times in the forum; here is some good conversations on it.

We operate lots of MAX Transit units in some very extreme conditions; they are almost always hot to touch, though they keep on working, we have not yet put any additional heat dissipation on them. Some of these units are now over three years old and still going strong.

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Thanks again Marcus!

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We have disassembled several of these. They have about a 1 inch by 1 inch Heat sink and thermal pad that is purposefully dumping heat into the case away from the internals. The PCB is actually on rails suspended in the middle of the casing so it is using the entire of the exterior of the case top and bottom. so there’s no place heat buildup could cause problems. We run these pretty hard as well and have had no issues.


Excellent, thanks for this valuable info Travis. I’ll be running mine quite hard as a full-time camper vanlifer in national parks so this is great to hear.


Thank you Marcus!


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my MBX 5G get very hot as well i get worried it is going to over heat it got up 132°F and it does this constantly

I tested this using a fan and it seems to be a perfect and simple solution.

There may of course be no problem at all with the case being the temperature that it is since apparently that is the actual component used to dissipate the heat however I did find that the fan totally remedied this so it’s easy enough for me to not be concerned by it.

I did also purchase a heat sink that covers about 75% of the top of the unit surface area which I’m not going to install until I think it’s actually necessary because I will be using a fan for certain.

Which is the top? The side opposite of the plate with the 6 screws?

Also, heat is the enemy of electronics, so the excess heat and lack of dissipation should shorten the life of any device. I like the external heatsink idea, just ordered one.