Temperature higher than 60 degrees

MAX BR1 equipment is required for retail solution, but the temperature exceeds 60 degrees. Is there any accessories or extra equipment that allows cool the router?



Operating Temperature for Max BR1 is between -40° – 65°C.

We do not have such accessories. If the facilities of air conditioning and ventilation are not available, please consider to relocate to better environment.

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The MAX BR1, MAX 700 and MAX HD2/HD4 are certified to operate at +65C (tested at +70C).

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Interesting thread, thank you.
Where has the temperature been measured? Is it case temperature? Is it ambient? Or it is there a measurement available from SNMP MIB/OID?

Thanks again!
Dana Konkin

We have a temperature chamber to test all our products. This is measured by the temperature probe on the surface of the AP.

The AP was running a recurring throughput test to simulate real life heavy loading scenario.

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hello, what is the operating temperature of Balance 210 and other balance routers? thanks

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Hi Reynaldo,

0˚C - 40˚C.


I have 2 580 and 1 305 and they all operate at 50 - 60 °C. The surrounding environment is not that hot. I am wondering if the device’s thermometers are reading correctly or not. How could my switches run like that for the last 2 years without any issues. May I know if any of you experience the high temperature on BL devices?

The device thermometer is reading the internal temperature of the unit itself and does not refer to the surrounding air temperature. Nothing to worry about here, sounds like everything is running smoothly!