Device Temperature

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For a devices rated temperature, does this refer to ambient temperature, device temperature of device reported temperature in the GUI?

For example, I currently have a HD4 MBX on my desk

  • The room temperature is 21ºC
  • Device temperature is 33ºC (measured by placing a thermometer on top of the MBX)
  • The device reported temperature in the GUI is 43ºC

We are trying to figure out if we should be concerned if we are seeing an MBX reporting close to 70ºC on the GUI when we believe the ambient temperature is around 50ºC

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Hi Harry - welcome to the forum!
Reported temp is the internal temp.

50ºC ambient and 70ºC internal as readings sound right /accurate, I’d be doing everything I can to reduce the measured internal temp to 65 °C or less.


It would be interesting to know what temperature the routers GUI reported during these tests at +65ºC

Assuming there is about 20ºC difference between ambient temp and GUI temp, the GUI temp should be around 85ºC!

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