Peplink VPN in standby mode


Good day

Hope you can assist or advise, We are experiencing a very High Data usage problem at one of our clients.

The Client have 200 BR1 connected to a Balance in our data Center Via VPN

During non office hours the keep alive data is 5MB per hour per Br1 connected to PepVPN, due to our very restricted and high cost data in our country we need to reduce data usage.

I tried the Following already:
Create Rules to only allow some data in to the VPN like RDP, Printers.
Disabled the security on the VPN
Change the VPN to connection.
Update and block domain names.

Yet we are only saving 3% data.

Incontroll reports that 90% of data is used by the VPN connection

I fond the following cortical of someone that had a problem very similar to mine. There is no feedback on his request.


Hi Frederik,

Low data usage mode described in this article should be the option you are looking for .


Good day Erik

Thanks for your reply.

The option is not selected, we are still running running V7.1.0,

I need to do a change in control motivation to the CEO before I can upgrade firmware.
I also don’t want to the event logging to incontrol2

My problem is the constant increase of data for all the units. We are adding unit in March 2018 there was about 100 and today we are sitting on 185.

You will see my changes is slowing down data usage but not close to data usage 5 months ago. even if I calculate in the new Br1’s

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Good day

We made the change and all the devices is now running on V7.1.1 with most Incontroll2 updates stopped. We are still using 5MB of data per hour to keep the PepVPN connection alive per unit.

Is this normal?


Hi Frederik,

That sounds like a lot of data to me, but it all depends on your configuration and usage.
Maybe bandwidth reports can help to find out what is using the data?

If you need more assistance the Peplink partner who sold you the router might be able to advise, or alternatively log a ticket with the Peplink support team.