What is InControl 2's Low Data Usage Mode?

InControl 2 allows you to directly adjust adjust a number of reporting metrics, to help reduce the data consumed by IC2. This is often useful on cellular connections with IoT plans that have low monthly data caps.

Because this is done from the Cloud, these updates can be applied to multiple units quickly and easily. Make sure that your Peplink units are current firmware (7.1.1).

Go to Organization > applicable Group > Settings > InControl Options and checkmark Low Data Usage Mode.

When you initially enable Low Data Usage Mode you’ll get a pop-up warning letting you know that WAN Health Checks get disabled .


By enabling Low Data Usage Mode, the Disable Device Reporting and Disable Live Status Queries options are automatically enabled. In addition, you’ll see the saved bandwidth impact in the Estimated Base Data Usage section in the upper right of the screen. To get further help in calculating Bandwidth savings, enable the Calculator by clicking on the Estimated Base Data Usage tool.

The customizable Calculator/Help Tool is used to determine data usage with various settings enabled. This does not change the Bandwidth settings profile but rather used to plan the deployment before pushing a configuration out.

Disable Device Reporting -

This option stops devices from posting reporting data to InControl 2; Status Reports, such as Device, Wi-Fi, Bandwidth, Cellular Reports, etc., will be unavailable. This feature gets enabled by default when you turn on Low Data Usage Mode.

Disable Live Status Queries -

Stops devices from reporting Live status updates (e.g. throughput, WAN state, etc.), making them unavailable. You’ll still see the unit online in InControl 2 with this feature enabled. This feature is enabled by default when you turn on Low Data Usage Mode.

GPS Location Collection -

This determines the number of times that InControl 2 will query a unit for GPS information:

  • 30 location points per minute (default setting)
  • 60 location points per every hour (default setting when Low Data Usage Mode is enabled)
  • 1 location point every hour
  • Disabled

Minimum Communication Interval -

You’re manually defining the interval for this feature to determine the number of times that a device will “call home" to InControl 2 (Default: 28 seconds).

Note: Real-time communication with devices may be delayed for any interval longer than 30 seconds if a NAT router is present in the communication path.


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