PepVPN Data Usage High



We had been testing SpeedFusion over PepVPN (managed by InControl2) for bonding and failover, also using the WAN Smoothing Feature. This was connecting between the Customers Pepwave MAX HD4 LTEA with MediaFast and a FusionHub hosted with AWS. All was working OK and the WAN Smoothing helped with a poor Cellular connection. However we traced a larger problem to an issue with expired data allowance on all 4 SIM Cards. Now the data allowance has been inreased and reset, we have turned off and removed the PepVPN/SpeedFusion configuration from both sides, allowing the customers HD4 to handle standard load balancing across the 4 Cellular connections.

However, my question is, when I look at the Hourly/Daily/Monthly Usage Reports, I am still seeing very large usage figures for PepVPN Usage, the name being “others”. Which you can see in the attached images.

What is more strange is that the PepVPN usage figures are exactly the same for every hour/day/month since we turned off and removed the SpeedFusion configuration. But the PepVPN usage values are still being added to the client usage values on the summary pages. Falsely indicating a much higher data usage than what is actually being consumed and this is confusing to the customer who is trying to monitor their Cellular Usage.

Is something stuck in the Cache which can be reset/removed?

The figures don’t seem to add up, example today is showing a 1458MB total usage for all WAN’s, but if I click on todays date in the summary, the total client usage is approx 512MB and PepVPN usage total is 14.3GB

Am I reading something wrong or do the figures need resetting?


Peplink VPN in standby mode