Newbie struggling with internet dropping

Well, there was this post on the AT&T forum on Oct 14 which seems to confirm the geographic aspect:

Just got second call from office of the president in response to FCC complaint. First call was general “we’ll look into it”, but this time he said that he spoke to engineering and they acknowledged they have an issue, are working on it. Indicated they said it was affecting about 18 states (apparently Texas is one).

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Ah, I wasn’t aware of that. Thank you.

its sad how it takes them 4 months to look into it ha

Hello do you mind sharing you HTTP health checks settings. I have a single WAN At&T SIM and this sounds like the only option to keep my connection live most of the time.
Thank you !

Sure, here’s what I’ve been using. I’m not sure if this is the best way to do it, but it seems to have worked so far.

interesting, i thought those sites were https not http.

I want to summarize the findings and workarounds known at this point, including a new piece of information many may find helpful:

  1. Using SpeedFusion Cloud can help avoid this issue from happening

  2. As many of our community members have found and reported (thank you!) HTTP health check can identify this problem when it occurs, while the default smartcheck may not accurately identify this outage.

  3. If you are using http health check, the modem will automatically reset after 5 minutes of measured outage. In our testing, resetting the modem is sufficient to temporarily resolve the AT&T proxy issue.

These tools are the best way to reduce the pain caused by this issue at the moment, I hope this improves the situation for all of you.


From my provider, name withheld for privacy

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COVID relief mechanism? LOL. No.

Welcome to AT&T. :woozy_face:

They are trying to spin it without putting AT&T in a negative light. Good riddance. I finally got a Verizon sim from my provider (8 month waitlist) and Im going to try that today…

Central California, east of Sacramento.
AT&T unlimited plan from OTR. Verizon 8800L Jetpack plan.
Smartcheck on.
Fusionhub on Vultr for general devices, bypassed to AT&T or Verizon for streaming clients. Max Transit Duo usually chooses AT&T due to both Lowest Latency and/or Fastest Response. AT&T down bandwidth from 40Mbps to 130Mbps depending on time of day.
MIMO directional antennas for both carriers, AT&T 3 miles LOS - 2xBand 2s aggregated, Verizon 10 miles with hill in between me and tower - 2xBand 66s aggregated.

I have not had one disconnect or change in expected bandwidth, ever.

Has anyone confirmed that this is only a regional issue?


there was some talk it was mainly an east coast issue.

I can definitely confirm that from Northern Pennsylvania all the way through the Northeast I had the problem. It stopped promptly when I came back into Pennslyvania and I haven’t had an issue since. I live in a motorhome and have had this AT&T plan for about a year. Started in Colorado, now in North Carolina. Thus far, only in the northeast.

I’ve replicated the problem in Minnesota, no coast over here :wink:

Crazy that 6 months later this is still an issue and AT&T hasn’t fixed!

Word is AT&T just deployed a fix?!

Can anyone verify their connection is no longer dropping?

And what are folks finding is the best TTL to set on the Peplink? What if there is a wireless access point in between the peplink and end user device? Do I add +1?

I switched back to AT&T sim today as a test after seeing your post. I went 9 hours without an issue - way longer than before. I’ll keep using this and report back what I find after a few days

*update 12/8/2020

@mystery as an update I’m going on 30+ hours without an outage. Interesting I’m on band 2 and not 66 any more. Do you have a reference link to information about the fix from AT&T ? Thanks!

Just chatter on the AT&T forum.