Multiple WAN IPs each on separate VLANs from ISP

Hello Peplink Team & Collegues.
We have a few clients that need to operate on their incoming WAN multiple IPs with differing VLANs.
We have searched the forum and looked over these past posts for guidance:

With one such client, we are currently doing a PoC using an SDX as the core router. The ISP connection presents with multiple VLANs on that connection (to be treated as a shared fibre network) of which the client needs to pick off the VLANs required within the SDX.

Current requirement:
SFP#1 WAN (fibre connection from ISP)

  • VLAN 101 (IP, GW has ISPs Internet for the client
  • VLAN 102 (IP, GW has ISPs VoIP for the client.

SFP#2 LAN (fibre connection to the network internal client network switches)

  • Trunk to the client’s internal switches


  • (unused)

WAN#2 ISP Backup via alternative link path (again multiple VLANs like SFP#1).

  • VLAN 201 (IP, GW has ISPs Internet for the client
  • VLAN 202 (IP, GW has ISPs VoIP for the client.

LAN#1-8 (unused)

One of the issues we are seeing is with the “Additional IP Address Settings” seen here:

Although we can enter the additional IP(s), we can not enter the additional IP Settings such as the Gateway & VLAN required.

With FW 8.0.2 on the SDX, you can only have six (6) WAN connections:
2 x SFP
2 x WAN (ethernet wired)
2 x Cellular (USB)
2 c Cellular (Expansion Module)
Can you have more wired WANs with an Option Card? I’ve search hi and low for a way to reconfigure any of the LAN ports as extra WAN ports. If there is there an option, I’ve not found it yet.

One thought was to change the SFP#1 port from WAN to LAN with VLANs 101 & 102.

  • LAN Port 1 as VLAN 101 with a patch lead to WAN #1
  • LAN Port 2 as VLAN 102 with a patch lead to WAN #2

Then remove the SPF#2 LAN Trunk and create that as the ISP Backup VLANs 201 & 202 and do the same as SFP#1.

  • LAN Port 3 as VLAN 201 with a patch lead to WAN ??
  • LAN Port 4 as VLAN 202 with a patch lead to WAN ??

And there is the problem in the ??. We need another two (2) WAN Ports, we had two with the SFP Ports though as they are now LAN ports, we’ve lost those two WAN ports. An option to set the VLANs for the extra IPs in the WAN is where being able to do this virtually would be great.
How about that for each WAN port disabled being able to change another LAN to another WAN? Would help improve the flexibility of the product (much like we can with the EPX ports).

We are avoiding getting any more switches, the client is attempting to simplify their network rather than complicate things. Open to thoughts and ideas and updated Firmware options to give it a go.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


i want solve 1 WAN with differing VLANs. ISP distribute trunk VLAN Internet and VoIP. Peplink can support WAN trunk.

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Hello Everyone,
We have found some other previous post around feature requests on the WAN side for VLANs & QoS.

We are working on a large CPE rollout for a major ISP in Australia that is focused on SME & larger business (not consumer/residential). When this happens and based on what we have seen with previously supplied CPEs, there will be a need to support multiple VLANs coming in as a trunked service on the WAN for many of the large CPE deployments. The current solution is to put a Peplink SD-Switch between the ISPs connection & WANs and breakout through that to the WANs of the Peplink/Pepwave router. The advantage of using an SD-Switch is where a site runs HA, though not many sites are expected to be running HA.

It may not be initially possible to deploy SpeedFusion to a FusionHub to replace the VLANs. It is more likely we will need to do a like for like swap out initially. Down the track, SpeedFusion to FusionHub would certainly be a great choice as the multiple VLANs may not be necessary on the WANs.

With the new Series X range of routers from Peplink/Pepwave, we anticipate there is more than enough modern processing grunt to handle multiple virtual WANs in the one physical WAN connection. Time to have SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN).

I am interested in the Communities thoughts with this request.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Hi !

I have another use case: main WAN interface is behind a satellite modem. Tagged packets are customer traffic, non tagged are management traffic for carrier use.

It would be very useful if the Balance also had the ability to tag the native vlan on WAN ports for incoming packets. Actual solution is to deploy a switch we could get rid of.

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Hello Peplink Team,
We have another use case for being able to access multiple VLANs on the WAN Ports of the Series X Routers.

We are looking at several deployments using the SDX/EPX as primary routers within the deployments.
The SDX/EPX will not have any cellular modules within, instead, we will be using HD2 Domes (Dual LTEA Cat6/12 Modems) with each modem having a different carriers SIM (via a SIM Bank). For optimal SpeedFusion, we need to split out the two modems within the HD2 Domes at the SDX/EPX without adding in extra switches between the HD2 Domes and the SDX/EPX (there is no space within the installation location for additional switches).

If we take for example this recent installation from @PeterWest showing multiple Pepwave Domes attached the SDX/EPX.

We are looking at a very similar deployment in the emergency services space.

In searching through the latest beta releases of 8.1.1 we have not yet seen anything on this.

Look forward to seeing this feature become available after all this is all about the SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) is it not and within the X-Series, there should be ample processing to do this?

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: