Vlan Ppoe on WAN interface


Balance 20 equipment, Wan interface, we can configure a Vlan for a PPOE connection, but can we set a “priority code” for the Vlan ?
It is required with the ISP



Can you provide more info regarding to the “priority code” ?

Are you referring to the below:

Priority Code Point (PCP)
Priority Code Point (PCP) is a means of classifying and managing network traffic and of providing quality of service (QoS) in modern Layer 2 Ethernet networks. It uses the 3-bit PCP field in the VLAN header for the purpose of packet classification.

Beside that, can you provide also detail info from ISP what they are working/doing with the PCP code ?


yes you are right, it’s a QoS tagging, Dot1p for Vlan
for voice is set to “5” and for enterprise is set to “2” otherwise you cannot reach the bandwith and you have only 64kb

see below (sorry is in french)


Do you have the description in English version ? Or Can you copy the words here so that we can translate it using internet tools ?


so, find below what the article means:

"8.5.1: upload traffic for CEE access (It’s a normalized connection between operator who got the copper network and other operator)

to do the differentiation between the different quality of service, the Ethernet frame between customer site and operator node must be inevitably tag by the operator equipment on the customer site.
this tag (dot1p) for the vlan 2900 must be :
- “5” for the voice
- “4” for the guaranteed data
- “2” for business data (prioritize over the other traffic)

i hope this can help you to understand what i need



The requested feature is not available for the PPPoE WAN settings. I will move this under feature request and let Engineering team to consider the request.


ok but for the french market, for business operator, with the SDSL connection it is necessary

so it will be good if you can integrate this feature in the next version