802.1p Class of Service



I want to open a small (but really usefull) feature : the ability for the Peplink router’s Ethernet WAN to tag the 802.1p field. I mean the CoS tag field.
We just opened an ethernet VPLS based collect with a major carrier and I want to use Peplink device directly as CPE on those type of links. To do so, I need to tag the VLAN ID (this I can do now) and also I need to tag the 802.1p field.
Do you think this can be done in a close future ?



It is possible for Peplink routers to recognize and prioritize 802.1p tags by configuring a custom QOS application rule with Scope/Protocol set to DSCP.


Hello Ron and thanks for your answer. I am aware of this DSCP handling but this is not what I need to do here.
What I need to acheive is that all packet leaving a WAN interface must be taggued with 802.1p COS = 2.
I think this cannot be acheived without a small implementation on the WAN side config part.


Hello Ron,
Any updates on this case ?
We started to deploy some fibers and SDSLs using this new collect and it’s working pretty well. Unfortunatelly, we must insert another CPE between the link and the Peplink just to tag this 801.p value…
Let me know your thought in terms of feasability and roadmap for this small feature that could really help our business.


This is a good feature request posted in the correct category. Just checking to see if our current DSCP handling would help. Engineering will review this request and others may also need this feature and chime in.


Something like this should be perfect and simple for us :


Hello Ron.
Any update on this feature request ? We are currently rolling out our fiber and copper access massivly but we still need to use another CPE just to tag this 802.1p…

Vlan Ppoe on WAN interface