MAX BR1-Mini as OpenVPN Client

Hi Folks! We have a partner that must use a customer OpenVPN Server. We need to connect our MAX BR1-Mini (mounted on drones) to the OpenVPN Server as a client. Any suggestion on how this could be accomplished?


You might find some useful information here:

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Yes, I have seen this. But this is how to access the router from a remote client using OpenVPN. So the router is the OpenVPN server. We need to use the router as a OpenVPN client connect to a OpenVPN Server.

My apologies, you are correct, it is Server Mode Only. OpenVPN Client Mode is a Feature Request that is on the roadmap with low priority.

A possible solution could be to use the PepVPN, which will need a Peplink device or a FusionHub installed on the server side.

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I’ve done this in the past with marine drones. Topology was:

MAX devices Fusionhub VM → OpnSense Firewall (acting as OpenVPN client) → Clients OpenVPN server.

Meant we could use speedfusion reliability features (wan smoothing, FEC) using bonded modems and deliver a better quality video stream with lower latency command and control.

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Gents, I know all the benefits of using PepVPN, etc. However, the customer is requesting to connect the MAX to a OpenVPN Server. That is the requirement. If you say, this is not possible, I have to recall back the units and change them with a Teltonika or something else. The idea of the “MAX devices Fusionhub VM → OpnSense Firewall (acting as OpenVPN client) → Clients OpenVPN server” will be something I offer. I guess it will not be positive.
Anyway thanks for helping :slight_smile:
Attached our BR1-Mini version for drones. 100g less weight!


That case is very cool!

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With HEVC Video Encoder on top

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Looks like they released OpenVPN as client; Introducing the OpenVPN WAN License!