MAX-BR1-LTE-V-T with (prepaid Verizon)

I just bought a MAX-BR1-LTE-V-T. I also just bought a phone and activated it. I’d like to move the SIM to the BR1.

I assume that since Visible IS Verizon that this should work if I get the right APN.

Any tips and tricks?

Also, any reason why I can’t have the Visible SIM and a post paid regular Verizon SIM in as fallback?


That’ll work fine and that’s one of the purposes of the dual SIM capability. It’s actually probably a good idea. (I’ll leave your other question for someone else to answer. Moving SIMs between unlike devices can be a dicey proposition. Sometimes works fine; other times not at all.)

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Please note that only supports some phones, and Peplink routers are not among them. So your mileage may vary.

With that in mind, the topic has been covered in other threads:


Based on recent experience in California, was close to uselessly slow due to its deprioritization. But your mileage may vary :slight_smile:

Good luck.