LT2P/IPSEC VPN Balance One

Dear Sir/Madam

currently i used Peplink Balance One
WAN PPPOE: IP address http://103.x.x.x

please could you guide me about how to configure IPSEC VPN.
my mail [email protected].

Best Regards
from Soly

Hello Soly,

We do have a few guides for setting up IPSec with a few devices and vendors.

You’ll want to make sure that the encryption settings are matching on both the Peplink and the other vendors equipment. Your point of sale should be able to help you if you’re having issues setting up the other vendors router.

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it would be good idea to remove your public wan ip number, its expose to the internet now.

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Good catch! It has been masked.


Dear Zach_Tangen

i got it how to create IPSec VPN but after access vpn it need username and password
could you share me how to create username and password?


Are you trying to connect to the Balance using a computer or are you trying to create a connection using another router? If you’re using a computer, please confirm if you’re using L2TP and what client you are using.

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yes confirm using computer and create connect L2TP but after we connect connection need username and password for vpn. i would like to ask you how to create username and password for vpn client.

thanks from soly

I think you’ll find these instructions addressing your question:

It is also covered on page 135 of the manual (section 12.14 - Remote User Access)



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Dear Zegor_mjol

note with thanks it done for IPSEC VPN.


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