IP Passthrough feature request on MBX

Good Evening
We have an issue with a MBX and KVH VSAT connection.

The new KVH systems have two connections which are provided by separate ethernet ports;.

  1. Unlimited data but at restricted speed e.g. 128/64Kbps
  2. Limited data but at higher speed e.g. 5Gb at 10/3Mbps

On the limited connection, you create users which are then allocated data allowances which is all managed from the KVH portal.

We have successfully got the unlimited connection running through the MBX but the higher speed connection is problematic as the first user that logs in authorises everyone using that same network under their own user.

The solution would be IP Passthrough like on the BR1. The IP Passthrough feature would be associated with a single VLAN and that VLAN would then have its DHCP functions turned off leaving the DHCP to be carried out by the KVH router

Please note that this has been requested in the past

Thank You

Another previous mention on the forum