Balance 30 LTE IP-Passthrough (bridge) Mode


I would like to request that an IP Passthrough (bridge) mode be added to the Balance 30 LTE like the MAX BR1 offers. The Balance 30 LTE provides the same integrated LTE modem function as the MAX series routers but has no way to simply pass that integrated WAN connection to another device without getting a double NAT.

The main reason we need an IP Passthrough (bridge) function is the Balance 30 LTE lacks certain features we need at the moment like support for a fast OpenVPN client and we’d also like to be able at times to just pair the Peplink with a consumer router like an ASUS or Netgear for additional end user options that aren’t provided on a business router.

We purchased the Balance 30 LTE because we needed a stable and fast LTE modem that’s realiable for 24/7 operation unlike an LTE hotspot but didn’t find out until later on when we needed it that it doesn’t support any way to forward the LTE connection to another router like the MAX BR1 series else we would of went with one of them instead.

We’d really appreciate if you’d consider adding IP Passthrough support to the Balance 30 LTE as it would help us greatly.

Thank you