Balance 30 LTE IP-Passthrough (bridge) Mode


I’d like to request that IP Passthrough (bridge) mode be added to the Balance 30 LTE like the MAX BR1 offers and now also the Peplink Surf SOHO was recently added support for last year.

We purchased the Balance 30 LTE because we needed a stable and fast LTE modem that’s realiable for 24/7 operation unlike a hotspot but didn’t find out until later on when we needed it that it doesn’t support any way to forward the WAN LTE connection to another router without getting a double NAT.

The Balance 30 LTE is missing some features we’re in need of at the moment which is why we want to use it with another router we have and so it would help us greatly if you’d consider adding IP Passthrough support to the Balance 30 LTE as well.

We’d really appreciate it,
Thank you.