SOHO IP-Passthrough (bridge) mode

I run a small ISP and I have stated using peplink soho routers as essentially a modem for all of our clients. The units work great and the remote management and the stability of the unit make management a ese. One feature that is lacking and we desperately need in order to continue deploying the SOHO routers is a way to do IP passthrough. Most of our customers are ok with having their internet connection NATed since the soho router is the only router on there network. But we have customers that are wanting to have a static IP address and currently the only way for us to configure this is we have to set up NAT mapping which for some customers they are not happy with and would prefer that we give them the static ip address directly.

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Would also like it if this feature was on the Balance 30 LTE as well.

Balance 30 LTE and Surf Soho won’t have this feature. This feature is available on Balance 210/310 and above. Please find here for more information.

The quick solution will be provided Balance 210/310 to customer.

Thank you.

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Yup I am aware that this feature isn’t available on the SOHO or the Balance router, thats why I am requesting the feature. As far as your suggestion of using the 210/310 the price point of those units are way to high to justify deploying.

Do allow me to further clarify on this.

  1. Are you a wired WAN or cellular provider?

  2. Will you provide more than 1 public IP (if customer requested) if Surf Soho enabled IP-Passthrough (bridge) mode?

  3. What is the existing connection method (Dashboard > Click “Details” of WAN > Connection Method) you are configured on Surf Soho when it shipped to customer?

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1- Wired Wan

2- If a customer requested more than one IP I would provide them with more that one but I am very protective over how many IP I give out because of the lack of them available.

3- Static IP and VLAN are the two main configeration on the WAN details. I can post a screen shot if that is needed.

I also use the balance 30 LTE router for my higher end customer that require LTE back but the main service is delivered over the Wired Wan port on those units as well. Would be nice if that unit had pass though as well since it is the same price point as the Max BR1 and it has pass through mode available on it.

Any updates on this?

Hi DS Wilson,

The Peplink Surf Soho supports Wan IP Passthrough from firmware version 7.0.2
The firmware is currently in beta and available for download here:

The beta release notes for firmware 7.0.2 can be downloaded here: