Introducing the Transit Mini!

We are proud to introduce the MAX Transit Mini! This device is geared towards vehicular deployments with many powerful features in a compact form factor. This device has a number of specialized features:

  • Band 71 Support : Twice the range and four times the penetration.
  • Band 14 Support : Licensed to FirstNet, broader coverage for rural areas.
  • FirstNet Support : Greater priority, lower congestion for first responders.
  • Ignition Sensing : The Transit Mini can detect the ignition status of your vehicle and turn the router on/off accordingly.

** For those who are wondering, FirstNet is an American authority with the mandate to build and maintain a network for public safety, full information here.

The Transit Mini is available at the following price:

  • $399 in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa
  • €399 in Europe

** MSRP before any VAT, GST, regional taxes or duties. Actual sales price may vary by region. Check with your official reseller for final pricing.
** First year of PrimeCare already included.

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will band 71 require special antennas? i think most only cover 698mhz+ and b71 is 617-698mhz?

why are the following bands missing: B1, B3, B7, B20, B25, B26, B29, B30, B41

what is the power of the wifi radio?

will primecare be required to be paid for on an on-going basis to keep the features (wifi as wan, speed fusion, wan ethernet) working? if so, wish there was a one-time way to pay say $50-100 to activate those features permanently…


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@mystery, The antennas that are included with the Transit Mini do indeed cover the 600MHz spectrum. This product is using a different modem and that is why you don’t see those other bands. Wi-Fi power is 20dBm.

A PrimeCare subscription is required to keep the features, warranty, and IC2 access. Actually, at only $49/yr this is a steal and no-brainer.

Everyone I’ve spoken to loves the $399 price point and low subscription cost here!



Thanks for the quick response. I guess I am concerned more about external antennas that are currently available or already deployed. Seems the solutions from Wilson, Poynting, etc, all start at 698MHz

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I purchased 10 of these for FirstNet usage and so far they seem to be reliable. I do wish they had a better power connector, like the BR1 Mini terminal bock.

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Hello @Alan,
Will there be a APAC version with at least the LTEA Chipset (we need band 28 for Australia) or LTEB Chipset ?
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Hi @JimP, could you expand on this? The Transit Mini has a locking Molex power connector while the BR1 Mini does not.




This looks like a nice specialty product. For someone that uses Tmobile, it appears to include all (?) of their current bands.

Are there plans or hardware revisions expected in the next 12 months for other Peplink devices with internal modems that will add band 71 support and exclude band 14?

@cyclops, yes and it also supports the VZW & AT&T bands as well.

We will be launching a few Cat 18 models soon that also support Band 71. Thanks

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Our fleet department found that one of the pins within the Molex connector was bad (maybe a crimp/solder issue). Because it uses a Molex connector if there is an issue it becomes more difficult to resolve. If power comes from bare ends, I just strip a new end and reconnect to to the block.

I might have to purchase a collection of Molex connectors and pins to have on hand to address this issue in the future.

I tried looking for a molex microfit 3 to terminal connector on the net, but I haven’t found one yet.
There were some talks on a internal forum about one that looks like this.

It was called a “Power & GPIO cable adapter”

I’m not sure if it was ever introduced as a seperate sku, ,that’s more of a Tim question.

Also as a quick alternative, you can also power it via a passive PoE injector.

You only need the Female 5.5x2.1 mm side of the kit
Connect a male-to-male ethernet between the wan of the pepwave and the female jack of the POE injector.
The male RJ45 side of the injector will then plug in to your switch.

I’ve also used the Peplink version which is the ACW-102.

Care to elaborate on what soon means? :grinning:

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I’m waiting for the updated external antennas to be released that support band 71.

Is there a one-time purchase license to enable the WiFi as WAN if one doesnt want to subscribe to the $49/year option?

Hi @mystery, no there is not a separate license for this but it is included with the PrimeCare subscription. Thanks

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What is the gain of the included antennas at 600MHz (Band 71). I have a customer with Transit Minis in big box store kiosks. The devices communicate but the performance is sub-optimal.

Hi Len, the gain is similar to the other LTE bands. Is there a comparison here as this could be seen as the network itself is sub-optimal and not the device? Thanks

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I need to connect the Transit Mini to 24V DC power. Other than POE, will this work with 24V DC in on the Molex plug?

@mangelo, you are fine up to 28 VDC. Thanks

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FAQ: What is the standard package of Transit Mini.

ANS: The standard package content of Transit Mini are:

  • MAX Transit Mini
  • 1x GPS Antenna
  • 1x WiFi Antenna
  • 2x 2dBi 4G LTE Antennas
  • 1x DC Cable (ACW-634)

If you need a Power Supply Unit, please order ACW-632 (Power Supply Unit for MAX Transit Mini 12V2A).

More info.>

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