Introducing Firmware 8.2.0!

The latest Firmware 8.2.0 from Peplink is finally here. Unlock even more features to enable additional functions and enhancements for your Peplink devices.

From highly requested professional features to improvements, our goal is to provide effective management, usability, and flexibility in your setup.

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**What’s new?**

![cloud-bigger.png|142x142, 65%]( **Versatile:** SpeedFusion Cloud Relay
Access previously restricted applications experienced with the public SpeedFusion Cloud nodes.
![bonding.png|142x142, 65%]( **Optimize:** Dynamic Weighted Bonding
Define which cellular connections are labeled as congested based on latency values resulting in better performance without being affected by weak connections.
![dns.png|142x142, 65%]( **Secure:** DNS over HTTPS (DoH)
Communicate DNS information over a secure HTTPS connection in an encrypted manner to offer increased privacy and confidentiality by preventing data interception.
![wi-fi.png|142x142, 65%]( **Redundancy:** Simultaneous dual radio for Wi-Fi WAN
Dual Wi-Fi WANs can now be accepted simultaneously on specific models. Essentially this can create more redundancy and provide additional connectivity options.


THeir is a Special Build of the Version 8.1.1 that allowed access to the Starlink Dish and the internal Website via Web and Starlink App, what otherwise would not be possible.

Is this feature now officially in 8.2?


The Balance User Manual for 8.2 that is here

has nothing about DoH.

I am experiencing very slow response on the web admin page for my surf soho mk3 after upgrading to 8.2. The dashboard shows the processor load is constantly between 80% and 100%, whereas with fw 8.1.3 it was 25%-30% with same config. Is anyone else seeing this ? Is there a fix to 8.2, other than rolling back to 8.1.3?

I am running 8.2.0 on my SOHO Mk3 no issues, CPU load around 30%, upgraded from 8.1.3.

The only way to roll back 8.2.0 is to go to the system > reboot > then choose the older version as the boot target. If you have updated to more than one version of 8.2.0 (beta 1, 2, rc, 1,2 etc) then you won’t really have a way to go back at this point.

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has nothing about DoH.

Working on this now. Will ping you once ready.


im running 8.2 and the starlink access seems to be working fine still!

Tried upgrading the Mini-MBX 5G with the auto and the manual procedure but no success…

error msg Invalid firmware…


I upgraded and the direct access to the Starlink dish ( is NOT working anymore. The description how to setup this with the special firmware was here:

Is this really true? If you have a beta of 8.2 in the inactive firmware slot and the GA release of 8.2 in the active firmware slot, can you not download 8.1.3 and install it into the inactive slot?

It still works for my setup. (I’m viewing it remotely via SpeedFusion from my remote office)
the Starlink/OOB managment fix has been in every release since the original.

curl -v

  • Trying…
  • Connected to ( port 80 (#0)

GET / HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: curl/7.77.0
Accept: /

  • Mark bundle as not supporting multiuse
    < HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    < Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2022 18:11:15 GMT
    < Connection: close
    < Content-type: text/html
    < Accept-Ranges: bytes
    < Last-Modified: Mon, 28 Jun 1971 00:00:00 GMT
    < ETag: “2cbde80-9ba”
    < Content-Length: 2490

Is there any documentation on the latency based dynamic weighted bonding?

I updated again. This time I removed the COnfiguration and set it again. The Situation stay the same, its not working anymore. When I downgrade back to 8.1.1s, it is working.

See my configuration using 8.2.0.



Hi terra3110,

Yes, the WAN Management IP feature is officially in 8.2.0 and since 8.1.2 firmware.
![wan-connection.png|703x505] (

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After some further tests and re configuration, it is working now. Sorry for the mis-information in the first place.

Hi Michael. There are only two “positions” for firmware.

HOWEVER, Peplink has been thoughtful about this: It maintains a repository of older FW Here you will find older versions. For example, here’s what’s available for your Balance 20X:

If you want to load an older version just download it manually and install it. It will replace the FW that is not presently running.

  • Rick
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Balance 20, HW Rev 6 here. Confused over whether 8.2.0 can/should be loaded onto this router. Here’s why:

  1. Release notes for FW 8.2.0 show this:

    Implies 8.2.0 is good for any Balance 20 (no HW limitation cited for this router, but HW limitations cited for at least one other router)

  2. Router itself suggests upgrading to 8.2.0:

  3. By contrast, Firmware Download site implies that 8.2.0 is only good for Balance 20s with HW rev of 7 or 8, and that for rev 6 or earlier, 8.1.3 is the most current firmware option.

Have I misunderstood something? Please clarify.

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Hi. In the screen cap you show one can see that 8.1.3 is the last FW rev available for HW1-6. The 8.2.0 release notes say:


Thanks for the clarification. With that explained, it does seem to me that there are two bugs:

  1. The “Devices Supported” table in the Release Notes for 8.2.0 is misleading in this regard (it should make it clear there that the support for Balance 20 does not apply to revs 6 or earlier); and

  2. The Firmware Upgrade function of firmware 8.1.1 does correctly identify 8.1.3 as the most current (supported) firmware version for this hardware. A device should never explicitly encourage a user to upgrade to unsupported firmware.