InControl2 instructions

Hi all,

Multiple customers have asked an instructions manual for InControl2, I have searched on the forum and Google and I found the instructions manual of February 2017. This instruction is out of date. Could someone provide me with a new instructions manual of 2019 so that we can forward it to the customer?

Any help will be appreciated.

thanks in advance,

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Hi @FaycalKerroue,

The manual you have found is the latest one we have. Please could you let me know which area(s) you are most interested in looking at and I’ll provide you with information on those areas first, whilst we are working to update the manual.




hi @Steve.Taylor

Thank you for the fast response.

I have a question regarding the InControl2 instructions.

Im working on a new instructions manual of InControl2 because I have enough time for it :slight_smile:
Could you possibly send me a list of the new features/functions that Peplink has added to InControl2 since February 2017 ?

I’m adjusting the pictures and steps because InControl2 has changed alot since 2017, but I dont know what the new features are exactly.

If you could do that, you’ll make my day :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

Faycal Kerroue

When clicking on the bell next to your username in IC2, you can scroll through all the new features from January 2018 (InControl 2.5.1).


Older release notes you can find back on the forum:

There was no official 2.5.0 release. Due to the amount of fine-tuning and adjusting all the new features during staging faze and testing, it was decided to call it immediately 2.5.1.