InControl 2.4.0 Release Notes

Status: As of 24th April, 2017, version 2.4.0 has been rolled out to all IC2 users.

What’s new

  • Added geo-fencing support for GPS enabled devices. You can now define a geo-fence by drawing a circle, or outlining a path. Whenever a device enters or leaves a fence, it could trigger an e-mail, enable/disable its Wi-Fi AP, or make an HTTP/HTTPS call to a user provided URL.
  • You can now add a “star” to your favorite groups. Favorite groups are placed at the top of group lists. They are also listed on the organization drop-down menu in the top-right area.
  • Added an “unresponsive” state to devices. If a device is not responsive for 20 secs, its status indicator will change to orange. It is still treated as online. But if it remains unresponsive for 3 mins, it will be treated as offline and the status indicator will change to red.
  • If a client device is a Peplink/Pepwave device, a link is added to open its Device Details screen.
  • Added support of Pepwave AP models to the Bulk Configurator
  • SSID profile order can now be changed.
  • PepVPN connections will not unnecessarily disconnect and reconnect after updating a topology profile.
  • Included various UI enhancements

Hi Eric,
It’s possible to load/delete geo-fencing areas via Incontrol2 API?
We need to upload/delete a lot of Areas/POI (Mainly Hotels) to inform passengers they’re arriving and also do a report for our customers (bus companies) about stop-by-stop times.

We’ve all this information in our platform and we need to sincronize this Areas/POI to have real-time stop information.

There’are any geofencing API methods coming?


Instead of providing an API, would it be useful for you if we allow you to upload a CSV file of ring shaped zones? The file shall contain 4 columns: name, lat, lon, and radius.

I assume you will have a server to receive our URL notifications. So when you are not interested to a particular fence’s events, your server could just ignore them. You don’t need to delete the fence from IC2.

Also we will add the zone name into email and URL notifications. So you could identify which zone of a fence a device entered or left.

What do you think?

You replied me over email that the design was good. So we will implement it accordingly. It shall be available in end of September.