InControl 2.3.6 Release Notes

Status: As of 9th February, 2017, version 2.3.6 has completed its roll out to all IC2 users.

What’s new

  • Captive portal enhancements
  • Daily quota settings have been placed back into the configuration menus of each access mode (Social, Open, E-mail and SMS).
  • The session timeout setting has been removed. The timeout setting for all devices is set to one minute. I.e. if a client has disconnected for more than one minute, the system will stop counting its time quota. And when the client reconnects, the client session time quota will automatically resume. The client will not need to sign in on the captive portal again if the captive portal option “Require to Sign in upon Reconnection” is disabled.
  • When the Device Schedule feature is enabled on IC2, the schedules defined locally on devices will now be kept.

  • VLAN networks with the same subnet and/or VLAN ID can now be defined. But those networks cannot be applied to the same device.

  • Introduced device-level time zone. The setting is available at Device Details > Edit.

  • Active WAN icon(s) are now shown on the device list.

  • Added a new option in “InControl Appliance / Private Cloud Settings” to enable devices to connect to an InControl Appliance without needing to connect to the public version of IC2 in future device start-ups.

  • Added a “Remarks” field to organization and group administrators

  • SSIDs could be pre-defined before enabling Wi-Fi Management.

  • Included various UI enhancements

  • Firmware update attempts are now limited to a maximum of 20 times. Once the limit is reached, the attempts will cease and an e-mail alert will be sent to organization and group administrators to notify them of the issue.

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We have a Peplink made InControl2 appliance here at our office, we are at 2.2.0 and very much need to upgrade. Can you point me in the direction of the 2.3.6 .img file and instructions for upgrading? Also, is there a way to retain settings for the upgrade. We have a bunch of devices on the system already and would prefer not to start over installing them.

To get yours, just visit the download page: . The full upgrade instructions can be found from the last chapter of the Setup Guide available on the download page.

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