How to set up the Integrated DNS Server for Inbound Load Balancing


Inbound Load Balancing distributes inbound data traffic over multiple WAN links to computers behind Peplink Balance. Peplink Balance 210 or above have a built-in DNS server that enables this functionality.

You can configure Peplink as Authoritative DNS for a domain such as “” via build-in DNS server for inbound link load balancing.

Configure the Peplink as Authoritative DNS for domain “” means Peplink will hold all DNS records (A, MX, CNAME, TXT etc) for the domain. You would need to modify the NS records on Domain Registrar (The company that you purchased the domain name, such as Godaddy, Networksolutions, etc), and point the NS records to Peplink’s IP which defined as DNS Server

To define the domain name and DNS records to be hosted in Peplink Balance, go to the setup page located at: Network > Inbound Access > DNS Settings. You will see the following screen:

Integrated DNS 1

Step 1: Configure “DNS Server”
From Network > Inbound Access > DNS Settings, click the Edit button for choosing the IP addresses that the DNS server should be listening on. You will see the following screen:

Integrated DNS 2
Select the desired WAN link(s) and respective IP addresses. Multiple addresses in the list can be selected by holding the CTRL key while clicking on the addresses. Click Save to continue.


Step 2: Set up Default SOA/NS record

This will simplify new domain name setup by automatically filling in SOA and NS records.

Integrated DNS 3

Integrated DNS 4

Integrated DNS 5

Step 3: Creating Domain Name

Click the New Domain Name button to create and define a new Domain Name.

Integrated DNS 6

Integrated DNS 7

Step 4: DNS Records

Click on the newly created domain name and you will see the following screen:

Using “Default SOA and NS Records”, Peplink will automatically fill in the NS and A records.

Create A record “www” for your new domain by pressing New A Record.
A Record
Integrated DNS 9

From a host on the Internet, use an IP address of Peplink Balance and nslookup to lookup the corresponding hostname. Check if the returned IP addresses are the desired addresses for the host name. The following is a sample Windows nslookup:

Integrated DNS CMD

The IP values here are for illustration only and would likely be different for you.

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