Server behind Multi WAN Balance Router


is it possible to configure a Peplink Balance Router to make servers in the LAN available via 2 public IP addresses (as a failover)? So if WAN1 fails, that the servers are still publicly accessible via WAN2?

The only thing I have found so far is this KB article about inbound load balancing:

To enter the WAN1 IP address as an authoritative DNS server for the domain would not be a problem. But if WAN1 is gone and the corresponding IP, that’s no use to me.

Does anybody have an idea or a solution?

Thanks in advance!

Inbound loadbalancing is what you want, You would set both the wan IP to be to be the nameserver for the domain. If WAN1 fails then WAN2 will respond to requests, and as it knows wan 1 is down it will present the second wan for the DNS request.